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project kill my tbr

Hello lovelies – today I thought I’d update you with my project Kill My TBR progress

You may remember in 2015, I began a little project to take the number of books I had yet to read down to a manageable amount. You can read my first post about that here: Project ‘Kill My TBR’ This was in no way going to be easy, as I’d got over 200 books on my to be read pile. As it has been just over a year since I began this project, I figured I’d let you know how I’m getting on with it.

Step One: Un-hauling

When I moved out of the cottage I lived in back in 2014 and into my new home, I bought two brand new bookcases to sit in my living room. These bookcases filled up far too quickly, and I had to double stack a lot of it. I ended up buying a third bookcase so I could spread the books out a little more and see them all. I made a promise to myself that if the books didn’t fit into my bookcase properly, I would start to un-haul some of the books I knew I wasn’t going to read. Inevitably, I bought more books throughout the year and I stuck to that promise. I un-hauled 31 books and a ton of ARCs that I knew I wouldn’t read. In total, around 50 books. These books went to various charity shops, and are hopefully in the hands of someone who will love them.


Step Two: Not buying more books than I’m reading

Okay, this one may have been a fail. In total, I read 59 books in 2015 – of which, 8 were re-reads. Which means I read 51 new books last year. I calculated that I purchased (I’ll not include gifts, which is only 1 books anyway) – 57 books this year. I’m hoping this is correct – without monthly wrap up posts it’s hard to keep track. I’ll make a note of book purchases this year!

Technically, if you count the books I’ve re-read this year, I have actually bought less books than I’ve read! When I sat down to wrap up step two, I thought this would have been one that I failed on… actually, I didn’t – I’m happy with that!

Step Three: Stick To My Wishlist

As I mentioned in my original Project ‘Kill My TBR’ post, I was buying too many books just because they were cheap – mainly in supermarkets. I’ll be honest there are two books I’ve bought in supermarkets this year, and it was on a whim – it just reiterates my point, because I’m not excited to read them! Oops! Compared to 2014, I think I did pretty well in that regards though. It’s definitely helped because I’m reading the books I’m excited to read, because I’ve known about the book for a while and I’ve kept it on my wishlist after some consideration. I need to make this step more of a priority this year, I know in myself that I won’t read books that I’ve bought on a whim.

Step Four: Don’t request or accept review copies 

This step, without a doubt, I’ve stuck to completely without exception. I’ve received unsolicited copies of books, but I’ve passed those on to people who will read and enjoy them. I’ve found that this has taken a lot of extra pressure of my TBR, because I wasn’t able to read and review them for publication date.

As of this post publishing: my current TBR is 165. Still a lot, I know – but that has come down by over 100 already. Getting there, right?

I’ve still got a long way to go with this project, but I feel like I’ve made enough progress already to feel like I’ve had a successful year with it. As it stands in 2016, I’ve not bought a single book this year. I’m not excited for anything yet, so I’m waiting until I am. Hope you’ve enjoyed my update, let me know if you have any tips for me. 


One thought on “Kill My TBR update

  1. I live in France and go to a second-hand place called Emmaus where I get English books for 50 centimes each! I come away with armfuls. Because it’s so cheap, I just grab the lot then leaf through them at home. In this way, I have discovered great authors I would never have discovered, eg. Tawni O’Dell.

    I was hoping to send you my latest novel for review but after reading about the mountain of books you have to get through, I won’t add to your pressure!

    Keep a look out, though, for BRAKE FAILURE. It’s not out until 14 November but I’ve already received a review on Goodreads: “5* Everyone needs to read this book. It’s blooming brilliant.” -The Reading Shed.

    You have a bright, colourful blog. It makes my website look positively funereal!

    Happy reading, Katie!
    Alison x


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