Movies I’m Anticipating in 2016

movie releases 2016

Hey lovelies – today I’d like to share with you the movies I’m looking forward to seeing in 2016

I felt like 2015 was a decent year for movies, granted I didn’t go to the cinema a ton – unfortunately. It was such a decent year for films, because it featured the final movies of series, such as The MockingJay pt 2, and the continuation of series. I’m always sad when I know those series have ended and that I’m unable to watch anymore from that particular world. For example, when the last Hobbit installment was released I was excited but also really sad!

This year there are lots of films I’m looking forward to, and here are a selection of them:

Joy – Releasing 1.1.16

The 5th Wave – Releasing 22.1.16

Divergent Series: Allegiant – Releasing 18.3.16

Alice Through The Looking Glass – Releasing 27.5.16

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them – Releasing 18.11.2016

There are hundreds of releases this year, and it’s hard to narrow this list down. These five I’m probably most looking forward to seeing at some point. I know the January releases have already been and gone, but I had to save money for other things. I’ll definitely find a way to watch them in the future.Let me know what movies you’re anticipating this year, and what you think is worth a watch. I’m always interested in finding new things. I’m particularly interested in book to movie adaptations too!



4 thoughts on “Movies I’m Anticipating in 2016

    • Allegiant’s trailer really took me by surprise – it looked like it was set on Mars! I’m going in without high expectations, especially because it wasn’t my favourite book. I’m interested to see what they’ll do with it though.
      Really?? That’s insane! Did you go out and see anything being filmed? Must be a surreal thing seeing your hometown on the screen in this way!


    Wait what??? Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them is being made into a movie? I’m absolutely thrilled! I never got the news … the trailer looks stunning though.

    I’m not very excited for Allegiant. After how Insurgent turned out, I decided to stop continuing watching the series in case of extreme disappointment.

    I’m excited for the 5th Wave. Chloe Moretz fit the role perfectly!

    x noodle creature x


    • Yaaaasssss! I cannot wait to see another glimpse into the magical world. Very excited!!!
      I’m with you on the Insurgent front, it was a complete disappointment really. I’m going to go into Allegiant without high expectations for that reason, plus it was my least favourite book anyway.
      The 5th Wave was soooo good! I’m yet to read the book, but this has definitely encouraged me to pick up a copy! Xxx


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