Reading, Blogging & Life Goals 2016

2016 goals

Hello lovelies – today I’d love to talk to you about the goals I wish to achieve this year!

I cannot believe 2016 is already here! It absolutely feels like 2015 flew by, yet when I sat down to write this post it feels like a lifetime ago that I was writing last years edition. One thing I looked forward to at this point in the year was actually looking back at my old blog post sharing with you all what I wanted to achieve within 2015. I feel like I had a successful year in terms of those goals, and I’m looking forward to focusing on a new set of goals.

If you’d like to read last years post, you can find that here – and I’ll begin this post with the same notion… I’m not into the whole ‘new year, new me’ mantra. I’m not joining the gym, or suddenly taking up hiking. These goals are just things I’d personally like to aim for this year. They’re not about changing me, just something to aspire to. I hope I’m not contradicting myself! Anyway, lets begin!

Blogging Goals

Okay, this one was a tough one to mull over because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to achieve with my blog this year at first. This time last year, I hadn’t reached my first ‘blog-iversary’, and now I’m closing in on my second. This time last year I was still working out what I wanted my little online space to be. I feel that I’ve found a perfect balance and schedule that works well for me. I’m true to my roots with book reviews etc, but I fulfill my desire to talk about the other things I’m passionate about. My blog as a whole I’m personally very proud of, and it really does bring me a lot of joy. I feel blessed to have found this hobby.

So, with all that being said – my goal this year is to not feel the need to take so many blogging breaks! In 2015 I felt like I had to take so many blog breaks. For some reason, when I reach a reading slump my blog suffers to. I’ve appreciated being able to schedule posts in advance so that I’m always ahead of myself. I felt when I came back to my blog in July, I had the longest run I’ve remembered of not missing a post etc. Until I hit a massive reading slump in September/October. My goal for 2016 is to take fewer breaks and work on the consistency. I might take the odd week, but not months like I did last year. Wish me luck, I feel like I may need it!

Another small goal I have with my blog, just to make my life easier, is when I’ve finished my current read I would like to encourage myself to write a review of that book pretty quickly after completion. That way it’s fresh in my mind, I can express my feelings more accurately – and more to the point, I’m not letting them build up. For some strange reason, if I have too many reviews to write I almost shut myself off – and I avoid it. This will help with the above goal because I won’t be stressed out about the mountain of posts I need to write. If you have any advice regarding this, I’d absolutely love to hear it!

Reading Goals

It’s that time of year, a brand new Goodreads challenge awaits us. I’ve fought internally with myself about what my reading goal should be for 2016. When I looked back at my goal for 2014, and saw it was 30 books – and I wanted to push myself to read more in 2015 so I set my goal for 50 books. I exceeded that, even though I’ve struggled with reading slumps. There was something about knowing that it was only around 1 book a week that didn’t seem to difficult. If I really wanted to push myself, I’d set a goal for 75 books, so I decided that I’ll give that a go! I know it’s not a massive leap but it’s a step forward. Fingers crossed!

I’m going to be continuing to work on the ‘Kill My TBR’ project that I started last year – I’m planning on sharing an update post soon, so keep an eye out for that. There I’ll share with you the total of books I’ve read and the total of unread books – and I’ll update you more on what I’ve set for myself this year. Quite looking forward to that, it’ll give me lots of encouragement just writing about it,

Life Goals

When I look back at last years goals, I feel like I was successful in what I wanted to aim for. I moved house, and I’ve been doing more hours at work. This year I’d really love to put more thought into maybe starting a family? Who knows, but I feel like I’m getting to the stage where there’s nothing stopping me! Stewart and I have been together nearly 8 years, and it’d be lovely to move forward with our relationship now we’re settled at home. I’m really lucky this year – in February I’ll be heading to Orlando, Florida with my best friend Laura. We’ll be visiting all the Disney parks, and heading to Harry Potter World too! So excited! 

Once again, I’d like to wish you all the very best for this new year. I hope it bring you lots of good opportunities to create lifelong memories. I’d love to hear what your  blogging and reading goals are for the new year, so let me know!


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