Welcome Back! My 2015 Wrap Up.


Hello lovelies – I’m back and let me first say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, however you enjoy spending them. May 2015 have brought you lots of happy memories, and may 2016 bless you with many more. As with any beginning of a new year, I enjoy reflecting on the previous and planning the year to come, and so you know what this means…. that’s right, it’s time for my 2015 wrap up.

When I think back on 2015, I remember it as a fairly steady year – you might be thinking, ‘what’s so great about that?’, well, I had felt that I experienced a lot of changes in previous years and basically this year didn’t have too much. I’m all for change and new experiences, but what I mean in this respect is that I’ve enjoyed settling more. I moved earlier in the year, and I settled further in my work place and I felt more relaxed because of it.

You may remember this time last year I wrote a post about  Reading, Blogging & Life Goals for 2015 in that post, I discussed what I hoped to achieve throughout the year. I spoke about wanting to carry on with similar blog content, and I felt I’ve done that but also added more features – like participating each week in Top 5 Wednesday. My blog is more organised and it follows a basic structure that you’ve probably figured out by now. On Monday’s I tend to post book reviews, on Wednesday’s you’ll find the latest T5W topic, and Friday’s I fulfill anything else I wish to share with you. So I began to call Fridays ‘anything goes Friday’. I’ll discuss what my goals for 2016 in a seperate post, so you can keep you eyes out for that.

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In terms of my reading goals, I set my Goodreads challenge to read 50 books for the year and I hit that goal back in September. I’m very pleased with the amount of books I’ve read this year. I surpassed my goal, and in total I read 58 books. Considering I read 38 the year before, I’m very happy with my result this year. You’ll find out what target I set for this year, in my goals for 2016 post. In terms of the books I’ve read, I’ve seemed to favour contemporary novels – specifically in the YA genre. Also, I’ve read a few dystopian books that I’ve enjoyed, and a few thriller books. Overall, I’ve had a happy reading year and the thought of trying to narrow it down to a top 10 is already worrying me!

2015 Goodreads

When I look back on 2015, I feel very blessed. I’ve got a wonderful family around me, friends I’d sell my kidney for, a lovely new house with Stewart and Dobby, and a good job to pay the bills. Really those are the main things for me, and I’m thankful for each and everyone of them. I’m also very thankful for this blog, and through this blog finding lots of you to talk to and share my passions with. I’d like to take the chance and say if you’re reading this, I think the world of you and I’m very thankful you’re here.


Hope you enjoyed my 2015 wrap up. Let me know how you’d summarise your year in the comments! I’d love to hear all of the moments that stood out to you. Thanks for stopping by, and sticking with my blog.


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