Rip It or Ship it Game

rip it or ship it

Hello lovelies – today I’m going to play the Rip It or Ship It game!

Haven’t heard of this game? Well, it’s very easy to play – all you have to do is write down a bunch of different characters from different books. Then pop them into a bowl, mug or even just in a pile and then randomly select two. Then the objective is to decide whether you ‘rip it’ (literally if you like) which means you don’t see them together at all. Or, ‘Ship it’ – so you see them working well together. When I say together, that could be in a romantic relationship or friendship.


I’m also happy to say we have a guest here on Into The Bookcase – my good friend, Abbey from Miss BookWorm Reviews. We’ll be playing the game together, you’ll find half of the rounds here and the other you’ll find on Abbey’s blog. Make sure you check it out!

Without futher delay – here is round 1:

Round 1


Allison from Pretty Little Liars & Edward Cullen from Twilight

Katie: HAHAHA! I kind of ship it to be honest. I think Allison would definitely liven up Edward’s existence, and bring some drama. Plus, Allison is kind of used to being stalked and Edward’s definitely got quite a talent for being a borderline creeper. Watching people sleep? Yikes!

Abbey: Haha.. Think they would be so dysfunctional but kinda cute too!  I’m actually liking this.. Ship it! 

Round 2


Peeta from The Hunger Games & America Singer from The Selection

Katie: Oh dear! I think I’ll rip this. I can’t see them even being friends. America does have a feisty personality like Katniss, but she’s also a bit whinier than Katniss. Peeta needed a strong woman and not dealing with all of the selfishness that encompasses America’s love life.

Abbey: I could slightly see them being friends..however as a relationship? don’t think it would as America can be quite selfish and Peeta needs a woman who he can love but is very strong. Rip it!

Round 3


Ana Steele from 50 Shades of Grey & Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter

Katie: Well, we all know Miss Ana Steele has a thing for people that treat her badly, so perhaps she’d like him? I can’t see Draco liking anyone more than he likes himself – and certainly doesn’t care enough to try and woo someone. Rip it.

Abbey: Rip it!! Draco loves himself too much and Ana wouldnt get the attention from him like she wants. So definitely not going to happen. 

Round 4


Bella Swan from Twilight and ‘Amazing’ Amy from Gone Girl

Katie: Oh. dear. No, No, No!!! Amy would make mince meat out of Bella Swan. Bella is far too weak and Amy would run rings around her. Plus Amy would no doubt be bored out of her mind listening to Bella’s moaning. Without a doubt, RIP IT.

Abbey: Eww totally no! Amy would totally get fed up with Bella’s moaning and depressive moments. Rip it!

Round 5


Hermione Granger from Harry Potter & Prince Maxon The Selection

Katie: Actually, I think I could see this working! Prince Maxon likes women that are feisty, head strong and intelligent – which is definitely Hermione. On the other hand,  Hermione is attracted to men that are kind and have a passion for making a difference. Ship it!

Abbey: I quite think these two would be really cute together, Prince Maxon quite reminds me of Viktor Krum and they are definitely both fiesty so perfect in my eyes. Ship it. 

Hope you enjoyed this fun little game. Make sure to play it with some of your book loving friends! If you do, let us know how you got on. Do check out 5 more rounds over on Abbey’s blog – and please let us know if you’d like to see a ‘rip it or ship it’ movie edition.


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