Top 5 Wednesday: Authors I’ve Discovered This Year


Hello lovelies – it’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for another Top 5 Wednesday!

Top 5 Wednesday’s group, which is a group on Goodreads created by Lainey from the booktube channel, GingerReadsLainey. This is open to any Booktuber or blogger that would like to get involved. Basically, there’s a list of topics every Wednesday and you find five things that fit well for the topic.

You can find the group here: Top 5 Wednesday

This week the topic is: Authors I’ve Discovered This Year

I absolutely love this weeks topics, especially because I feel like I’ve discovered lots of great authors this year. I’ve read quite a few debut novels, and they’ve encouraged me to keep an eye out for later works. This weeks topic will be fun to read from those that are involved in T5W because I know I’ll find lots of recommendations from them. Anyway, here are my 5 favourite authors I’ve discovered so far this year, in no particular order.

The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting

Holly Bourne

I picked up Am I Normal Yet? which was Holly’s latest novel, based upon a recommendation from the lovely Abbey. She recommended the author to me and said I’d quite like her work. Abbey knows me well, and she was spot on – I did love her work. I’ve now read two novels from Holly, the other being The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting. What I love the most about her work is that it feels authentic, from dealing with mental health issues to the insults thrown around in the dialogue. I have Soulmates on my kindle to read, and I’m highly anticipating more of her work.

All The Bright Places

Jennifer Niven

This author and her debut novel, All The Bright Places, comes with a lot of high praise from the book loving world. I first heard about her via Zoella (who isn’t known for her book recommendations so I paid attention) and then I saw this book pop up everywhere. I purchased it and I fell in love with it. This book put me through an emotional rollercoaster and I feel like the story, the characters and the message will stick with me for a long time. I’m very much looking forward to reading more from this author – if it’s anything like her debut I will be a life-long fan.

Every Last Word

Tamara Ireland Stone

Another fantastic debut I found this year was Every Last Word, which focuses on a girl dealing with OCD. She doesn’t want any of her friends to know, and she finds solice in the Poets Corner – an underground poetry club. Tamara’s novel really resonated with me, I quickly became very attached to the characters and their world. They are the type of characters we all wish we knew in real life, and I missed reading about them after I finished the book. Gutted that it’s not out in paperback in the UK, but I’m thankful to have read the e-arc. Definitely foresee me loving Tamara’s next novel.

The Selection

Kiera Cass

When I was coming up with this list, I checked out my Goodreads reading list for 2015. One name that popped up the most this year was Kiera Cass. I marathoned The Selection Trilogy earlier this year, and it’s not often I get through a series of books one after the other. I found them to be quick, light but engaging reads. I loved the concept of the dystopian world, and the way in which the author explained it to the reader was great. She created some great characters – I quite liked America Singer and Prince Maxon. I found Eadlyn to be a little insufferable though. I’m interested to see where this series will go and where the characters end up.

how to love

Katie Cotugno

Yet another debut novel I read this year, How To Love, is about a young girl who feel pregnant at a young age only to be left alone. Until, the person she once loved turns up out of the blue. I adored this novel, I liked the way in which the plot was delivered to us – jumping back and forward between past and present. It works really well, and I loved the headstrong protagonist. When Katie’s latest novel, 99 Days came out, I went and purchased it without even knowing what it was about. I’ve not quite got round to picking it up but I know I’ll enjoy it when I do.

These authors really did stand out for me this year, but there are so many debut authors I enjoyed including, James Rice and Michelle Falkoff. Make sure you let me know which authors you’ve discovered this year, I’d love to find some new favourites. Don’t forget to check back next week for another Top 5 Wednesday, and the topic is: Top Halloween Recommendations.


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