TV Shows I Love

TV show I Love

Hello lovelies – today I’d like to talk to you about some TV shows I love!

I’ve actually got quite a few TV shows that I enjoy so I might make this a series of posts so I can talk about them all without the post being forever long. I’ll add 5 different shows in each blog post so that I have chance to talk to you about them, and what makes me love them so much. Not all of the shows will be currently airing, some may already be over – others I might be waiting for more seasons. Either way, I hope you find some gems to watch.


Pretty Little Liars

Oh yes, I’m one of the masses that have pined over finding out who the infamous ‘A’ is. For those of you who don’t know what this show is about, it follows a group of girls who lose their best friend, Alison. Whilst she’s missing they receive texts threatening them from a mysterious person, ‘A’. Throughout the seasons, the girls try and figure out who this person is whilst avoiding all of the evil things that they’re doing to them. I haven’t served it justice with that summary but it really is a great show. I began watching it one summer when it was on Virgin Media’s on demand feature and I fell in love with it. I’ve been hooked ever since and I’m sad that it’s coming to an end soon. We’ve only got one season left and everything will be wrapped up. This will be a show that I’ll watch over again, because there are always hidden clues and things to look out for.


American Horror Story

AHS is a show I heard about through Twitter originally, and then heard through word of mouth from a bunch of different people. I came to watch it via Netflix one afternoon (because night time would have scared the wits out of me), and I’ve been a firm fan since. An interesting thing about this show is that each season has it’s own premise, story and the actors re-appear but are playing different characters. The first season is Murder House, and it focuses on a house that holds lots of dark spirits – a new family move in and they’re unaware of the evil it holds. It’s truly a chilling, well written and engaging show. Also, it has Evan Peters – which is a win in my book. My favourite of the 4 seasons currently available to watch is actually season 2 – followed by season 1. If you’re into creepy, twisted, chilling TV shows then this is definitely for you.



Out of this list, I think this show is the one I’ve been watching for the longest time. I remember watching it under recommendation from my little brother, and being absolutely blown away by it. Sam and Dean are brothers who are hunt different supernatural creatures, from ghosts to shapeshifters. Each season there is an overarching narrative that dominates the storylines, for example, season one the brothers must find the demon that killed their mum. However, not every episode is dedicated to this and a lot of them are my favourite episodes. Those episodes they’ll find a strange reporting, such as a freak death that’s reoccuring, and they’ll heard to that town to find out if something untoward is happening. Supernatural is a very popular show, and has recently been commisioned for season 11. What keeps me coming back over-all is the dynamic between the two characters, especially Dean’s sense of humour. Fantastic show.

The big bang theory

Big Bang Theory

I don’t think this show will ever get old for me, it’s one of those shows I could have on in the background whilst I’m working on my blog or wanting a chill night in with Stewart. This American sitcom follows two scientists, Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper along with their friends, Raj & Howard (also scientists) and Penny a waitress that lives across the hall. It’s sounds a bit lame when I put it like that but this show is so hilarious, there are no words. They’re the ultimate ‘nerdy’ guys, loving comic conventions and video games – then Penny moves in across the hall. Leonard immediately goes ga-ga over her, and it makes for brilliant television watching him trying to woo her. Espescially when he has his socially awkward friends in tow. It has to be said though, this show is absolutely made by the character Sheldon. He often belittles his friends, he’s ritualistic and he’s wary of physical contact – altogether making his interactions absolutely side splitting.

game of thrones

Game of Thrones

In terms of ‘epic’ TV shows, it’s got to be said that Game of Thrones is high on a lot of people’s lists. Adapted from A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, this fantasy story has gripped numerous amounts of people including myself (and also Stewart is a massive fan). Set in Westeros (a fictional place) the plot initially is focuses on a civil war between noble houses that inhabit the kingdom all fighting for the iron throne. It action packed, full of great actors and it’s highly entertaining. One thing that’s interesting is that the TV show has now differed quite a lot from it’s original source material, in fact, there’s a few characters that have been killed off in the show but not in the books. Some of my favourite characters are Jon Snow (eye candy, and a no nonsense character), Joffrey (I love to hate this character… and hate isn’t too strong) and I quite like Cersei too – she’s feisty and confident, and just a little bit evil.

That’s it for this edition of the TV shows I love. I’ll upload another edition and some point in the future, featuring another five different programmes. Make sure to keep an eye out for the next one. I’d love to know what TV shows you love, you never know I might find my next favourite, so do let me know.


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