Programs I Use For My Blog

programs i use to blog

Hello lovelies – today’s blog post is all about the programs I use to create my blog.

I’m thinking of doing a little mini series which covers the behind the scenes of my blog. I’m hoping to inspire someone to create their own, and I know I’d have loved to find blog posts about this stuff when I was starting out. I’ve already touched on organisation through my blog post about How I Organise My Diary and I wanted today to talk about the programs I use to take an idea I’ve had and transform it into the content you see.

Wordpress home page

Here are the programs I use for my blog:

Wordpress Server Page


It’s probably the most obvious one on the list, but maybe not to everyone. Last year around this time, I decided to purchase my blog domain name so that I dropped the ‘.wordpress’ out of blog URL – because I liked that it felt more proffesional and that it was officially mine. With that being said, I don’t know if you know that my blog is ran through wordpress without it. I’m very happy I chose to join wordpress and not other servers, as I really appreciate the ability to schedule posts in advance. You all know I work stupid hours and I fit this around my work life. I’m able to schedule a blog to go live at the same time on my chosen days, and for it to annouce on social media too. If you’re looking to start a blog – I’d highly recommend joining wordpress.

Microsoft word

Microsoft Word

Some of you may be thinking, ‘why don’t you just type your reviews straight onto your blog?’. Well, I’ve always written my book reviews on word first, not only to make sure that any spelling errors are corrected from the English dictionary, but because I can save them on to my laptop. If for some reason my blog dissapears into thin air (apparently these things happen – I hope never to me) and I had to start again, I’d have the content on my laptop ready. I for some reason don’t do this for all blog posts – for example, the one you’re reading now I typed straight into wordpress, but for book reviews I always do.



This is one program I didn’t realise I used that much until I sat down to think about it. I will use both the one on my laptop, and also the one on mu iphone (this one more often). Here I will quickly type notes to have on hand, if I need to make a quick to-do list and I’ve not got time to grab a pen and paper I’ll open notes. When I’m reading a book, I tend to type my thoughts throughout the novel into my notes app. Then if I need to think back to how it made me feel at different points, I’m able to get them quickly and on the go. I’ve found this to be particularly helpful and I’ll discuss this in more detail in another post.



I came across this website last year, and I’ve been very grateful for it. I wanted to create headers for my different blog posts that made my blog stand out from the countless others. I use the same background for them all, and I think it makes them distinctive. The website allows you to create different types of images so that you can use them for this reason. It’s very user friendly – I wouldn’t say I’m a tech genius (by a long shot) and I found this very easy to use. If you’re looking to make headers or anything like that – I highly recommend it to you.



Granted this one doesn’t actually affect the content on my blog, but I do rely on twitter to share the links to my newest blog posts. I’ve found it a brilliant way to communicate with other bloggers, book lovers, authors and publishing houses. Twitter is probably where I am more vocal in terms of social media. I do have a facebook profile for my blog but I rarely use it – I’m thinking of creating a facebook page for it instead but I’m not sure yet. If you’re just starting your blog, definitely check out twitter and build your network. You’ll find a lot of other fantastic blogs this way too.



As I mentioned above, my job requires me to work flexible hours and so I might not be available to tweet about my latest blog post. I heard about this app/website a few months back and I’ve sworn by it ever since. This program allows you to type up a message/status/tweet and schedule it to post at whatever time you see fit. This means that I’m able to share my link a few times during the day when I might be working. Make sure you don’t spam your followers though, otherwise they’ll get fed up of seeing it.



I use this program on my laptop to edit pictures for my blog. I don’t do anything revelutionary with my pictures, but I like the way it looks and it’s a bit more uniform. For general pictues I will add a border to make it a bit more sleek looking. I’ve also used it for other means, for example, when I did my blog post about donating blood I took pictures that had strangers in the back ground. As they had no idea I’d taken the picture, let alone was going to share it on my blog – I spent time blurring out the faces to hide their identity. Imagine finding your face online on some strangers blog! I’ve also made picture collages and things throught this program.

I believe that’s it! I hope you find this post somewhat interesting. I’d love to hear what you use for your blog, please let me know in the comments. If you have any questions at all, leave them in the comments also. I’m thinking my next post in the mini-series will be something about how I construct a blog post or book review. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see!


2 thoughts on “Programs I Use For My Blog

  1. Love it! I just discovered picmonkey, and now I’m obsessed. I also use notes on my phone when I’m reading a book to take notes about what the book is about. It helps me remember certain details before I write my review 🙂


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