Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbinson

Here Lies Bridget

Here Lies Bridget

by Paige Harbison

Published: 18th November 2010

Publisher: Mira Ink


They say that before you die your life flashes before you eyes.

You think it’s going to be the good stuff – every kiss, every party.

Don’t count on it.

I was Bridget Duke – the uncontested ruler of the school If keeping the wannabes in their place meant being a mean girl, then so be it!

I never thought there’d be a price to pay.

Until the accident.

Now, trapped between life and death, I’m seeing my world in a new light: through the eyes of five people whose existence I’ve made hell. And I’ve got one chance to make things right. If I don’t, I may never wake up again…


I’d bought this book in The Works sometime in June last year. I believe I picked it up because of the eye catching cover, and then proceeded to buy it because the premise sounded interesting and it was a bargain price of £1. Unfortunately, it had sat on my shelves without being read, so when I stood in front of my bookshelves choosing my next read – my eyes stumbled upon it, and I picked it up. I’d bought this initially purely because it was cheap and I was addicted to buying all of the books. I didn’t go in to it with too many expectations, especially once I’d scanned my book into Goodreads and saw that the ratings are fairly average. Regardless, I dived in with that in mind.

What initially struck me was how unlikeable the protagonist, Bridget, actually is. She is self-centred, vain, and is constantly striving to be queen bee – quickly demeaning everyone else to seem important. At times I wanted to dive into this book and slap her hard across the face. Some of the things she says and done are truly vile. The author does a great job of portraying the ultimate mean girl. I appreciated that the author was able to stir up such a dislike for me, and it also meant that the character was quite realistic – as Bridget has a lot of the bitchy qualities I knew from some girls in real life. I quite enjoyed the supporting characters in this book. I probably rooted for them more because they were the targets of Bridget’s shenanigans and nasty comments.

Plot wise, it’s a very predictable story. I didn’t mind this too much because I didn’t expect much else from it really. It does serve an interesting message though, one that reminds us to be careful how we treat people because the ripple effect of your words and actions can affect a lot of people. This book reminds me quite a lot of my beloved, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – in the respect that the protagonists must face up to their actions with a hope of redemption. Like I said though, it’s very predictable but it’s still engaging enough to read. The major point I enjoyed was this vision of in between limbo place, and the way that all worked. This really interested me, and I thought that was a unique way of updating A Christmas Carol style plot.

I read this book in one sitting, and so I did enjoy it enough to want to spend my afternoon reading it. After all, it is a very easy and light read. However, with that being said the pace of the plot did bother me a fair bit. We spend a good half of the book leading up to the inciting incident, and then the rest of it felt rushed and I wanted more from it. The character development didn’t have any sort of resolution for me, and I would have liked to see more scenes following the aftermath. It ends too soon, and I wanted to find out more of what happened – and how more of the loose ends are tied up.

Overall, this is a decent enough read. I did enjoy it, but it didn’t rock my world either. The book is said to be similar to Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver – I’ve never read that so I couldn’t say if it is. It’s also said to be ‘for fans of Gossip Girl’. Now that I’ve seen, and the only thing I can relate to that series is that the main character is really bitchy. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have related the two.

I mostly enjoyed this book, but wouldn’t encourage you to rush out and get it.


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