The Heir by Kiera Cass

The Heir

The Heir

by Kiera Cass

Published: 5th May 2015

Publisher: Harper Collins


Princess Eadlyn has grown up hearing endless stories about how her mother and father met. Twenty years ago, America Singer entered the Selection and won the heart of Prince Maxon – and they lived happily ever after.

Eadlyn doesn’t expect her own story to end in romance – she has no interest in repeating the fairy tale. But a princess’s life is never entirely her own – and Eadlyn cannot escape her very own Selection, and one particular entry who may just capture her heart…


The Heir is a companion novel to The Selection series, and takes place after the final book is completed. In which case, this spoiler will contain spoilers for the rest of the series – and so, if you haven’t read the books and don’t want to know what happened in them, I’d advise you avoid this review in case I spoil it for you. If you’d like to read my review of the trilogy, you can find that here: The Selection Trilogy. However, there won’t be any spoilers for The Heir.

I began reading The Selection trilogy not long after this book was released, so when I flew through those books I didn’t have to wait ages to read this one – for which I was thankful because this book really interested me. The premise of this book is that the daughter of Prince Maxon and American Singer is coming of age, and she hosts her own selection process. I couldn’t wait to read a book from the perspective of the person that has to narrow down the candidates. I had read the novella The Prince, which you can find <here> if you’re interested, and I really enjoyed seeing the selection from Maxon’s perspective. I was thrilled to hear there would be a whole book (duology I hear) from this perspective.

My expectations when I went into this book were that I’d get to see the characters I knew and loved in the previous instalments, along with some new faces. I was also really looking forward to seeing how this world changed now that the caste system had been abolished – and the leaders of the country weren’t corrupt. I must say this didn’t disappoint, I loved seeing Maxon and America as parents and seeing their relationship on another level. It was extremely interesting to see how the country reacted to their new found freedom.

Most of all, I was thrilled to see some new faces – all except one. The protagonist of this book is Eadlyn, and she is the host of this new selection. The only problem is she is such a bratty, insufferable character. I really had to persevere through this novel, purely because I detested this character so much. She is unbelievable rude to everyone, including her family, staff and the contestants in the selection. During one of the elimination scenes, there was a moment when I became so angry with the character – I genuinely thought about giving up. However, I liked everything else about this novel enough to continue on.

It’s interesting to see this process from fresh eyes, and that brings its own set of complications – it took me a while (like I assume it did for the character) to try and figure out and separate all of the contestants from each other. I do already have my favourites, but I couldn’t predict who Eadlyn will choose because she seems to have an agenda throughout the novel. I was a little more bored with this selection, mainly because I almost didn’t care who she ended up with – I was reading to see glimpses of the characters I loved.

I had a lot of problems with the way this book ended. Without spoiling it, there is an incident that arises completely out of the blue that made me curse loudly – for two reasons: one, it’s almost like the author decided to just chuck it in to add cliff-hanger, and two, I cursed because it means I have to read the next one.

Overall, I had quite a few issues with this instalment in The Selection series – it really dampened the love I had for the others, which is a shame because I really did enjoy them. I will be reading the next novel, and I’m hoping that Eadlyn’s character has a lot of growth and I hope I end up liking her. I’ll be interested to see what happens to the characters, and hopefully leave this world with a good note.

It’s hard to say if I’d recommend this really, it’s not my favourite (by far) in the series.


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