Casetify Review

casetify review

Hello lovelies – today I wanted to talk to you all about my experience with Casetify.

Casetify are a company, formally known as Casetagram that produce customised cases for phones, tablets and laptops. You can use your favourite snaps on Instagram or facebook, and also use other personal pictures.

I have used this company before, when they were still Casetagram, and I’d ordered a case for my iPhone 5. I remembered then that I loved the case, and that the quality was fantastic. However, the only thing I didn’t like was that the case was clip on – and so it wouldn’t have really served as a protective case, it just looked great. Despite that, I was gutted when I upgraded to the iPhone 6, and that I wouldn’t be able to use that case anymore. For the time being, I used a light purple rubber case until I found something suitable. In my mind, I didn’t want to risk another clip on case – I just wanted to protect my phone. I saw that my purple case was beginning to get dirty and it was driving me nuts.


Coincidentally, I received a promo email for casetify – saying that they’d missed my custom and they offered a $10 off coupon code. It came at a good time, so I popped onto their site to have a look. I was very thrilled to see that they’d added a rubber customisable case to their site! It was exactly what I was looking for. I set about designing my phone case, and once I was happy I placed my order. I thought the prices were pretty decent for something that was personalised. Especially with the money off coupon. The phone case worked out, after converting, to around £19. I’ve seen cases that retail for more than that, and at least this one is unique.

I was happy to see that the site offers free worldwide shipping, especially as it’s an American site – it could become quite pricey. It said that my order could take up to 14 working days, which I thought was reasonable for a customised product, from another country – but it arrived a lot sooner than then! It arrived beautifully packaged, not only to safe guard the product but it also presented it well.


My phone looks brilliant with the new cover on, and I get a lot of questions about it. Which lead me to write this post, to share with you all the company incase you hadn’t heard of them before. I was so happy with my phone case, I went back to order one for my iPad too. Again, the price wasn’t too bad for this either. I believe it worked out around £29 – so it was pricier, but I was happy to pay it.

If you’re interested in ordering from this company, I have a code for you to get $10 off also: DTDX8T

It says it’s a referral code, but I’m not being urged to write this review for the company. They have no idea this is being written. It’s just a code they emailed me to pass on to friends.


3 thoughts on “Casetify Review

  1. Absolutely awful product and service. I ordered a custom iPhone 6 case and Apple Watch band for my wife for Christmas. Not only did my “complete” order arrive without the watch band at all, but then it took weeks to get the watch band. Now, three months out (not even) the custom design is peeling off the watch band, the case is flimsy, and overall I cannot state enough how much people should stay away from Casetify. Just awful!


  2. The new standard case is not protective at all and broke my phone the first time I dropped it! Their customer service took over a week to get back to me and the only compensation they could offer is a refund of $10 (which I have still yet to receive) for a $40 case, BEWARE don’t waste your money!!!


  3. Terrible product. I ordered it the same day I ordered my phone and I didn’t get the case until 6 weeks AFTER my phone arrived. Now, 5 months later the case has fallen apart. The protective “bumper” peeled right off, and the case is cracked in 5 places. No luck getting ahold of them. No matter how cute the cases are, don’t waste your


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