Me Time Tag!

me time tag

Hey lovelies, today I thought I would answer the Me Time Tag!

I came across this tag on a booktuber’s channel I’ve recently found and subscribed to, that channel is TheBookHoarder. Definitely pop over and check out her channel if you’re looking for someone new to subscribe to! I liked the look of this tag because it isn’t necersarily book related, it’s all about down time and what I like to do to wind down.

-What do you watch or read during me-time?

For me, my down time tends to be when I’m on my own and that means train-wreck TV, or reality TV. Basically all of my guilty pleasure shows that Stewart hates with a passion. They’re easy to watch, you don’t have to think too much and its nice to have on in the background whilst I’m doing things like writing blog posts. My favourite pick-me-up books are usually chick-lit, romantic, heart warming reads. I had gone for a while without picking any up but then I’ve read quite a few lately, and I’d forgotten just how much I loved them.

-What do you wear during me-time?

Without fail, I’m in comfy clothes without a bra. There’s nothing better than taking your bra off after a long day! I really like my Victoria’s Secret Pink jogging bottoms, I have quite a few different pairs now and I live in them. They’re ridicously comfy and slouchy, perfect for curling up on the couch and relaxing in. I also like to wear baggy t-shirts too. Basically, nothing tight and restricting.

-What are your me-time beauty products?

My go-to relaxing time products are Lush bath bombs. I love having a soothing and calming bath, and I these are a perfect addition to my bath. They always smell divine, and most of them fizz different colours and sometimes petals or confetti too. Otherwise, I’m not really fussed about things like face masks etc.

-Current favourite nail polish?

I don’t actually bother with painting my nails, there’s absolutely no point with my job. They’d chip immediately and drive me insane. Before I began this job I used to love dark reds and purples from Rimmel, and sometimes Barry M. I particularly liked the look of OPI ones, but never got around to picking any up.

-What do you eat/drink during me-time?

As I write this I’ve just started on my diet – or rather, my life overhaul in relation to food. Before that I would go for anything quick, and probably bad for me. Now, fruit mainly – but my favourite food is always going to be pizza so perhaps seldom a slice of that (with pepperoni, red onion, ham and mushrooms…). I’ve been loving Vimto lately too, but a pick-me-up drink is hot chocolate.

-Current favourite candle?

My all time favourite candle is Vanilla frosting candle from Yankee candles. It’s probably not for everyone because it really is sickly sweet, but I love it. It relaxes me!

-Do you ever have outdoor me-time?

Not really, my skin is very sensitive to the sun and having to apply factor 50+ waterproof sun cream every 30 mins would annoy me! If it’s not that sunny it’s usually too cold! Can’t win here in Britain.

-Would you ever go see a movie alone?

I’d say I would! I haven’t as of yet, but I definitely would. When I moved, I moved very close to a cinema and they do an unlimited membership for £16.40 – and I’m contemplating signing up for that. Which means, I’m likely to go to see films on my own to get my money’s worth out of it.

-Favourite online shop?

To be honest, the only online shopping I do really is from Amazon. Their prices are usually quite good and there shipping is pretty quick and efficient. I’d love to say I bought a lot from Etsy stores but I haven’t yet. If you know of any good sellers, do let me know and I’ll check out their store.

-Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?

For me, my spare time I’m usually blogging which I would absolutely count as me-time, or I’m reading. Spending time on my hobby and relaxing whilst doing so is my perfect afternoon off. Obviously, it’s not something I’ll do everyday so I’ll break it up with a movie or a TV show. I also like to play board games with Stewart, as it’s a good chance to disconnect and spend time together.

As ever, if you’d like to do this tag, feel free to take the questions from here! I officially tag you – and I’d love to see your answers if you choose to answer them. Send me a link on Twitter or leave a comment with your link, and I’ll have a gander!

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