The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force


The Glam Guide

by Fleur De Force

Published: 12th February 2015

Publisher: Headline


Fleur de Force started making YouTube videos in 2009 out of a passion for everything beauty and fashion related. What began as a fun hobby quickly turned into something much bigger, and she’s spent the past five years seeking out the best products, top tips and easiest ways for us all to look and feel more fabulous. In The Glam Guide she shares all of her secrets and discoveries so whether you’re looking for makeup tips, wardrobe cheats, first-date pointers or healthy lifestyle motivation, this is the book for you.


I will begin by doing something I don’t ordinarily do. As this isn’t ordinary circumstances, I figured I’d share a little bit about the author and how this book came to be. Fleur DeForce is a popular Beauty and Fashion guru on Youtube, boasting over a million subscribers, 130+ million views and 200,000 followers on Twitter. She began making videos as a hobby, and five years later she’s able to produce a book with all of the tips and tricks she’s picked up over the years to share with us all.

I personally have followed Fleur since around 2010, and was thrilled to hear she was bringing out a book. I’d like to thank Francis from Headline for sending me a copy of this to review.

The Glam Guide is split up into 7 major sections. I thought I’d let you know what I liked about each of them:


As I’ve been watching Fleur’s (and other beauty guru’s) videos for some time, I already knew quite a lot of the tips and tricks mentioned in this section. However, I thought everything was well presented, and easy to understand. I appreciated the section on skincare, as this was the most helpful for me in terms of learning something new, including exactly what each product is supposed to be used for. I particularly liked the ingredients ‘blacklist’, and the DIY Face mask, which I’m going to have to make for a girly night in with Laura.


This section begins with 5 quick and easy hair styles, which I thought was very handy. We all know someone that’s in a rush, either to school or work so they’d be handy for them. I had a go at a couple of them but they didn’t work perfectly for me. Mainly because, although my hair is quite long, my hair is very fine and so grips and things slide straight out of my hair. Again, there was a recipe for a hair mask that was interesting and I’ll definitely have to try that out at some point. My favourite section was the one about how to grow your hair out. I’m not deliberately aiming to grow my hair, but it’s helpful to see all of the tips for keeping your hair healthy whilst it grows.


One thing that really stood out to me in this section was that you should wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. As when you’re comfortable, you’re more confident which will shine through anything. Some helpful tips from Fleur that I found useful was the list of basics everyone should have, and what areas to spend and splurge on. This is where I sometimes would struggle, for example, is it worth paying silly prices for the trends? Fleur explains that investing in wardrobe essentials will be more beneficial in the end.


I must admit, I don’t really get the chance to travel very much but when I do I become a nervous wreck of lists, and over packing etc. I found this section very insightful and I definitely will be able to take this advice on board next time I travel. My favourite part was the ‘pack like a pro’ section, and also the ‘travelling in style’ section and I found those the most helpful for me in this section. I think many will love the in-flight beauty tips, but I honestly – make up etc. is the last thing on my mind when I’m on a plane. Granted, I think the advice to moisturise your skin whilst on the plane is a great one.

Health & Fitness,

For me, this was the only section that I wasn’t as fussed about and that’s just because personally I’m not as bothered about health and fitness. Objectively, this is a very helpful chapter with great advice and tips. I did like looking at all of the healthy recipes, which looked like they’d be simple to make and can be done on a budget.

Life, Love, Dreams and everything in between…

Hands down, this was my favourite part of the book. I loved everything about this, especially the section about body image, and the life goals. Fleur really does offer some great advice here, and I felt very inspired. You can see she’s very sincere, and a hard worker in life – always working towards her dreams. Speaking of dreams, I thought the dream analysis was a hoot, and very interesting.

Youtube and Blogging

When I first flicked through this book to see what the chapters would cover, I immediately thought this would be the most helpful to me but in actual fact, I thought the previous one was. This doesn’t mean that this isn’t yet another great chapter, it’s just I’m not a Youtuber and so camera equipment and things are lost on me. I really enjoyed Fleur’s tips on how she grew her audience, for example, being consistent.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic, well rounded book. My fifteen year old self would have probably taken more away from it, as it really is like having a big sister but in book form. One that’s ready with great advice, and fabulous taste. I don’t usually comment on the aesthetic properties of books, but this one is necessary – it’s absolutely stunning, and a very high quality.

Definitely recommend this book, more so to those that are just starting out in all things beauty and fashion, that need a handy guide.

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