Talkin’ Board Games!

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Hi lovelies, today I thought I’d talk about something a little different – my board game collection and ones I would like to get!


I know this is random, but I’ve been really loving playing board games again as I think they’re a fun thing to do. Especially when I want to disconnect from the web and focus on the people around me. I played a lot of different board games when I was younger, and I’m starting to grow my collection now I have my own home. At the moment, I have only 5 so I’ll show you those and also discuss what I plan to get in the future.


I have a thing for the classics and Monopoly is definitely one. The aim of this game is to gain the most money and properties, by securing them from other players until they’re all bankrupt. My family and I had played this for many years, particularly around Christmas. It has been known to take us a good few hours to finish the games, and we always have a good laugh. My little brother, Ricky, was particularly devious when playing this – and had a cunning mind for winning. There’s loads of different editions of this game, including ones with credit cards instead of paper money. Stewart and I chose the original for our collection.



Yet another classic, Scrabble is one of my absolute favourites. The aim of this game is to score as many points by creating good words from a selected number of letter tiles. This one really works your mind, as you’re trying to see words out of potentially nothing and then you’ve got to place your tiles on the board in a place that will score you optimum points (on bonus square like triple word). My best word yet was quids, which I placed on a triple word and pluraslised another word to give me over 70 points. I love that this can be a good two player game, I’ll often play this with just Stewart.



This one was a game I fell in love with more recently. I remember playing it as a child but it was always on the team of an adult, and so I wasn’t really playing. The aim of the game is to work out who the killer is and where and how they did it. This is a fantastic strategy game, and basically a process of elimination. It works your listening skills, and often your bluffing skills. Lots of fun times playing this, particularly last Christmas – it was our game of choice as a family.


The Big Bang Theory Trivia Game

Stewart actually received this as a gift from my mum and dad last Christmas, and we love it. The aim of this game is to collect all 5 of the main Big Bang Theory cast members cards by answering a series of questions about the episodes. It also involves drawing answers, and sometimes science and maths questions. Also, if you land on certain squares you have to play Sheldon’s game: rock, paper, lizards, scissors, spock. Thankfully the instructions are in the rules for this!


Destination Hogwarts

This is my more recent of board game purchases. I got this at the Harry Potter Studio Tour and was really excited to try it out for the first time. The aim of this game is to collect as many house points by reaching different destinations before the end of the game. We played this as a family, and noticed some of the rules are a little vague but we’ve made it suit us. It’s a fun game which doesn’t take hours and hours to play. I like the addition of the ‘death eater’ cards, that could have good or bad outcomes. During my first game I was expelled after a few turns because I was ‘caught with the Quibbler’.


Games I want to add to my collection.


I played this game a few years ago with Stewart’s family. This game has one giant dice with all the letters in the alphabet, whatever letter you land on you have to come up with something that starts with that letter in a chosen catergory. The challenge is to win points you have to have a unique answer!


Although The Big Bang Theory game offers a sort of pictionary experience, you can’t go wrong with the original. This game is word guessing game, and you have to decipher the answer through somebodies drawings. This could be hilarious, lord knows what half of mine would look like!

Let me know what your favourite board game is, and which would be a good addition to my collection!


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