My Five Favourite Booktubers

fav booktubers

Hi lovelies, today I thought I’d share with you my five favourite booktubers.

Recently, I posted about my favourite overall Youtubers, and during that blog post I mentioned I would like to share with you my favourite Booktubers. If you don’t know what a Booktuber is, well, it’s basically a community of book lovers that post book related videos. Those videos could be reviews, hauls, tags, new releases etc.

Kassidy Voinche

Kassidy began her channel back in 2013 and she tends to review mainly YA novels, and sometimes New Adult novels. She does reviews, hauls, tags, wrap-ups/TBRs, and sometimes challenges. A recent book I found because of Kassidy is Playlist for the Dead by Michelle Falkoff.

Kassidy Voinche

You can find Kassidy’s channel here: Kassidy Voinche
You can find Kassidy’s twitter here: @kassidy123

Megan Olivier

Megan began her channel back in 2013, and also reviews mainly YA novels. She does haul videos, and also ventures into vlog style videos. For example, she was at the Rainbow Rowell event that I attended and was filming that. I was too shy to go and say hello though! She was the booktuber that introduced me to David Levithan, particularly Love Is A Higher Law.

Megan Olivier

You can find Megan’s channel here: Megan Olivier
You can find Megan’s twitter here: @MeganOlivier12

Alita Joy (ABookAffair)

Alita began her channel back in 2012, and reviews YA, fantasies, graphic novels to name a few genres. I spotted this booktuber first when I was watching Haul videos, and I saw her book haul from Powell’s book store. One book I was introduced to by this booktuber is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

Alita Joy

You can find Alita’s channel here: ABookAffair
You can find Alita’s twitter here: @abookaffair

Sasha (ABookutopia)

Sasha began her channel back in 2013 and again, reviews YA novels, fantasy and dystopian novels. On her channel you can also find reaction videos and different ‘skits’ as she calls them. She was an extra in Divergent, and she recently was involved in videos showing us all the different sets. A book that Sasha introduced me to is The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

Sasha Aslberg

You can find Sasha’s channel here: abookutopia
You can find Sasha’s twitter here: @sashaalsberg

Zoe (ReadByZoe)

Zoe began her channel back in 2013 and she reviews YA, contemporary lighter reads, and sometimes fantasy novels. She’s currently a freshman in College so understandably doesn’t post a ton of videos now, but the ones she does post are always good. Lately she’s been sorting through her TBR pile and has done Un-Haul videos. One book I was introduced to by Zoe is The Duff by Kody Keplinger.

Zoe ReadByZoe

You can find Zoe’s channel here: readbyzoe
You can find Zoe’s twitter here: @readbyzoe

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’m always looking for new booktubers to follow, so if you have any recommendations for me I’d be ever so thankful.


6 thoughts on “My Five Favourite Booktubers

  1. Aghhh these are great people that I watch! I also looove Christine Riccio from PolandBananasBooks and JesseTheReader also Katytastic♥♥ you should definitely check them out! They have a very popular book club called booksplosion!

    They are amazingggg! It’s so interesting to find people liking the same people you like 🙂

    – Jumana @

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