My Top 5 Favourite Youtubers

fav youtubers

Hi lovelies, today I thought I’d share with you my top five favourite Youtubers.

If you don’t know what a youtuber is, they are a people that makes videos for the popular website Youtube. Over the years, my taste in videos has changed. I went from mainly watching beauty videos, to watching more videos that are book related. Apart from videos about books, I really love watching daily vlogs and ‘chatty’ videos. In this post, I’ll speak about the people that aren’t considered Booktubers, and I’ll dedicate a whole post to those favourites.

Elle Fowler (AllThatGlitters21 & EllesGlitterGossip)

Elle began her beauty channel back in 2008, and she was one of the first youtubers I subscribed to way back in college. I enjoyed her beauty videos, where she spoke about her favourite beauty products, and I adored her videos about decor and home stuff. Even then I really enjoyed her second channel more, where she posted more vlogs and also Glitteratures, which are her book reviews. I’ve found so many good books through her, including The Hunger Games. Poor Elle broke her back on the night before Halloween last year and has been forced into a hiatus whilst she heals. She’s just starting to come back now, and I’ve missed her videos!

Elle Fowler

You can find her main channel here: AllThatGlitter21

You can find her second channel here: EllesGlitterGossip

The Saccone-Jolys

The Saccone-Jolys are a family of vloggers originally from Ireland. The channel started back in 2009 with just Jonathan making daily vlogs, then his then-finaceé, later wife, Anna got involved. They upload everyday at 6pm GMT without fail, and I mean every day! Including Christmas day, and even during the birth of their children, Emilia and Eduardo. I’ll be honest they were a recent subscription but I quickly fell in love with this little family and I look forward to seeing their uploads.

Saccone Jolys

You can find their videos here: Saccone-Jolys

Zoë Sugg (Zoella & More Zoella)

Zoë Sugg or more commonly known as Zoella, is a beauty and lifestyle youtuber. She posts videos, usually on Sunday on her main channel, and whenever she fancies on her second channel. Her main channel has things like beauty/life favourites, decor hauls, lookbooks and tutorials. I do like watching her main channel because I think she has a fun personality and she’s relateable (given she’s rather well known, to put it lightly). In the same vein with the others, I really prefer her second channel and her vlog style videos. I think it’s fun seeing snippets of other people’s lives and I find it interesting to see what they do in there day – granted, it’s only maybe 15-20 mins of their 24 hours.


You can find her main channel here: Zoella
You can find her second channel here: MoreZoella

Tyler Oakley

Tyler began his youtube channel back in 2007, and he makes what I call ‘Topic videos’ so for example, he’ll describe his worst date or what it’s like in college, etc. He’s another fairly recent subscription, although I’d known about him for a while. He’s appeared in quite a few of other people’s videos but I’d never got around to subscribing. My favourite videos are his challenge videos, particularly the Disney challenge with Zoella, and also his Q&A videos. He has a wonderful, confident, funny personality and his laugh is infectious.

Tyler Oakley

You can find his videos here: TylerOakley

FleurDeForce (FleurDeForce & FleurDeVlog)

Fleur began her main channel back in 2009, and posts beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos. She also has a second channel dedicated to her vlogs. I initially subscribed to her main channel during Uni and I’d followed her since then, and also fell in love with her second channel. I think I even watch that more because I like seeing her puppies and her lovely home, and life with her husband. She recently brought out a book which I’ll be reviewing soon too. My favourite video from Fleur is her wedding video, which is beautifully shot and heart warming.


You can find her main channel here: FleurDeForce
You can find her second channel here: FleurDeVlog

I’m always looking for new people to subscribe to, so I’d really love to hear whose videos you love to watch!


7 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favourite Youtubers


    They’re my favorite youtubers as well! Along with Alfie, Caspar and Joe Sugg 🙂
    British youtubers are awesome!!
    This is a great post, I’ve been watching youtube since 2009 and it’s nice to see people appreciating the youtube world. I may even post a similar post myself! x

    PS, I’m a new follower of yours :)♥

    – Jumana @


  2. I am obsessed with BookTube. Therefore, my favourite YouTubers reflect that. In no particular order, my top five are: Christine @ polandbananasBOOKS, Kat @ Katytastic, John and Hank Green @ the vlogbrothers, Jesse @ jessethereader and Regan @ peruseproject. There are so many more but here are a small sample 🙂


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