Harry Potter Studio Tour Haul

harry potter studio tour haul

Hi lovelies, today I wanted to share with you the items I purchased from the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Welcome to the last post in my Harry Potter Studio Tour week. As you can gather today I’m going to be sharing what I purchased in the shop at the beginning and end of the tour. I hate that I have got to put a little disclaimer, but I feel I should mention that I’ve been saving my money since I knew I was going back in November, with the intention of spending a lot in the shop.


I don’t really go out drinking etc, and this is what I like to spend my money on. I’m sharing it with you all because before I went I loved looking up what everyone else picked up, and to see what’s available in store. There is an online shop you can order from with a delivery charge, but I found there were a few items that were not available online and so for that reason it might be interesting to those that may be visiting the shop soon. I appreciated when people added the prices of the items so I could figure out a budget – and so I’ve added them too incase it’s helpful to others.

Anyway, enough of that and into what I picked up:

Harry Potter Studio Haul IMG_6126

Badges, Bookmarks & Passports – Free

The bookmarks and badges were available in the new attraction, Platform 9¾. The passport was given to me by a lady at the information/cloakroom desk. As I was taking some of my purchases made before the tour to be kept for safe keeping, she laughed and asked if I was a big fan. Then slid them across the desk to me. I believe they’re only meant for children so I’m thankful to have been given one. Stewart was given one too!

Green Screen Photo – 3 for £21

My family and I wanted a keep sake photo of our trip there so we hopped into the flying Ford Anglia. It was a fun little experience, and something we can look back on. There’s also a broom flying experience but we didn’t bother with that one. We ordered 3 copies between us, and I think a single copy was £16 so the more copies you buy the cheaper they become.


Hogwarts Tankard – £12.95

This was one of the items that I didn’t see on the online shop, but I saw it in a haul video on Youtube. It’s really a beautiful tankard, it feels well made and substantial. I particularly like the house crests that are frosted around the glass, and the prominent Hogwart’s crest.

The Marauder’s Map Mug – £9.95

I’d seen this a few times online, and I had to pick one up. I love that it’s huge, for those days when a little cup of tea won’t do it. I say that, I’m not a huge brew drinker but I do like the odd hot chocolate, and this is definitely going to fit a lot of beverage in. I like that it’s weighty and feels like it’s good quality. The design on the mug is gorgeous with raised areas for a different texture. I love the famous quote on the back that you can’t see in the picture, ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good’.


Postcards – 95p each

Okay, this might be a little sad but I bought these postcards to frame. Except the Dobby one which is sat on my fridge. I bought that one because my kitten is named after this wonderful house elf! The Ravenclaw one is to represent my house, and the final one is my favourite ever scene throughout the 8 movies. The first view of Hogwarts and the first years arriving in their boats.

Butterbeer glasses – £2.95 each

We got these at the backlot area on the tour, and I must say I loved Butterbeer. It tastes like a mix between cream soda and a hint of Irn Bru. The cups are plastic, but not flimsy. There’s also a tankard available for an extra £2 but we didn’t bother with those this time, because we didn’t know if we’d like Butterbeer. When we got home my parents realised they’d forgotten to pick one up in the shop at the end, so one of these bad boys will be going home with them.


Marauder’s Map To Do List – £7.95

Anyone that knows me, knows I love to make lists – so this item will come in handy! I love that there are little boxes to tick when the task has been completed. There’s also a huge magnet on the back so you can put it onto the fridge, and the pages are able to be ripped out cleanly because of a perferated edge. This is fantastic, and really helpful so far.

Ravenclaw Crest Metal Keyring – £7.95

I couldn’t leave the studio shop without taking home a keyring, and there are tons to choose from. I decided to pick a house crest one, this time round. It’s quite heavy actually, and is well made. It currently holds my work keys because I use those more than any other keys, and it’d be too heavy for my car keys.

Hedwig Magnet – £3.95

This is one of the things Stewart bought. When he looked for one he initially wanted a Dobby one but he said they didn’t look that good – either scuffed or chipped. He picked this on instead. It’s sitting on our fridge holding up the Dobby postcard you saw earlier.

Ravenclaw Scarf – £26.95

This was one of the things that was high up on the list I made before going. There were two different scarves to choose from, this movie replica, or one that had Ravenclaw on it with a badge. I picked this one (this time) as I thought it’d be more subtle and I could wear it with most things. I love that it’s super long and cosy. Pity we’re heading into summer soon so it won’t get tons of use for a while.


Chocolate Frog – £7.95

I’ll be honest, I was really unsure whether or not to buy any of the confectionary, sweetie items from the tour. Purely because they’re really expensive, and have an expiry date so they can’t be kept forever. I did cave when I got there – we all knew I would. I figured I could eat the items, and the display the replica packaging on my bookcases. The chocolate frog is huge, and the size of my palm. It’s solid chocolate and really heavy. When Stewart and I shared it we noted the chocolate tasted like Yorkie chocolate. I was happy to get the Albus Dumbledore wizarding card, but would have also liked Rowena Ravenclaw too.

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans – £8.95

And they mean every flavour! Well – at least 20 of them. These are pretty cool I have to admit. The packaging is gorgeous, and once the original beans have all gone, we’re going to buy cheap ones to put in to display. Stewart and I played the ‘Bertie Bott’s Challenge’, which meant we picked one at random and showed the other person – who found it on the card. We ate them and tried to guess the flavours. There really is a mix of good an disgusting. My favourite was tutti frutti, and the worst that I’ve had so far is vomit flavour. I had to spit that out, ever so ladylike, it was horrid.

Chocolate Wand – £3.95

I got this as a little gift for my best friend, Laura. We’d planned to go together at some point so it was a little bittersweet that my first time there wasn’t with her too. We’ll definitely go together in the future, but for now this was just a little something for her. She confirmed it was delicious.


Destination Hogwarts – £24.95

How exciting is this? Okay, perhaps it’s just me but I was overjoyed to see they had a board game to add to my collection. I’m waiting to open and play this, but what I can gather it’s a game with the aim to collect as many house points as possible. It’s 2-8 players from ages 8 to adult. Really looking forward to cracking this open and giving it a go. My parents are coming round on Sunday I believe so will likely play it then.

Replica Marauder’s Map – £29.95

Stewart purchased me this for my anniversary present. The day we went to the tour we were celebrating 7 years together, and this is a wonderful keepsake. We opened it up once we got home, and this thing is absolutely massive. It covered the majority of our dining table. I love all the fold out flaps, and looking where the class rooms are. Even in which cupboard boggarts hide, and where Peeves likes to lurk.


Ravenclaw Cushion – £19.95

This was another thing I didn’t think I was going to get, but at last minute put it on my list. I saw it on the website but was unsure about it. My decision was changed when I watched a haul video, and these were quite popular. I can see why now I own one too. They’re beautifully made, and rather large. Size reference it’s about the size of my torso. Granted, that’s not incredibly helpful but you get the idea. They’re very plushy and full, and the tassles are adorable. This sits pride of place on my bed.

Ravenclaw Hoodie – £39.95

One thing I really wanted to get from the shop was a piece of clothing. I’d had a look at the online store and spotted the hoodie – it immediately went on my list. When I arrived at the tour, I made a point to purchase this and a few other bits before we went on the tour. I was worried my size would sell out and I’d have been gutted if I couldn’t get this. It’s very good quality, with a big Ravenclaw design on the front. It has Ravenclaw written down the arm, and the hood has a cool design too. It’s super cosy and comfy, I’m practically going to live in this.


Ravenclaw Pen – £19.95

This was also a last minute decision before I went, and confirmed at the tour when I saw them, purchase. It’s absolutely stunning, and I’m so glad I decided to get it. It is die cast and plated in silver and richly enameled, from the Noble Collection. It’s quite top heavy and writes well. The ink can be replaced too. I adore this, and I’m kind of gutted I didn’t get a journal or notebook to write into. That’s next on my list!

Hogwart’s Express Photo Frame – £18.95

We bought this frame from the little Railway Shop on the platform, and the sales assistant there explained that anything that had the Express on it couldn’t be purchased from the large store. My family and I all bought one, so that we could frame a picture from the day. Bit of a spur of the moment purchase, but a great one. I’ve decided to put the one of us all sat in a Hogwart’s Express carriage because that’s my favourite picture from the day. It’s again, well made, as everything seems to be (you’d hope so for the price).


Replica Collectible Wands – £24.95 each

We got wands! I knew for a long time that I would love to have one of the collectible wands, because I think they’re really cool. I chose Hermione’s wand –  for a couple of different reasons. I liked it more aesthetically but I also liked why it looked it does. The ivy is supposed to represent Hermione’s passion for knowledge, which is why the vines snake up the wand – it’s ever growing. Stewart purchased Voldermort’s wand. He said he chose this one “because it was cool”.

Hogwart’s Throw – £49.95

This was my favourite purchase, which was hard to narrow down. It’s a very expensive item but well worth the pennies. The website explains that it’s a 100% cotton, woven throw with a huge Hogwart’s crest on it, made in a Jacquard style. It measures 127cm x 152.4cm – so it’s really large and sits nicely on my double bed. It’s heavy and warm, and exquisite.

I hope you liked seeing the things I purchased from the Harry Potter. As you can see, I’d saved up a lot of money and I’m thankful I did. The shop is very expensive. There’s still so much I would have liked to get, that’ll have to wait for next time! 


7 thoughts on “Harry Potter Studio Tour Haul

  1. Jealous doesn’t even cut it! I managed to get a lot of these things last year, but a lot of them I swear they didn’t have when I went! I hope to go back soon and be able to get some more, especially now there’s the Hogwarts Express! Glad you had an amazing time xxx


  2. Like many other commenters, I’m so jealous!

    Did you see the Ravenclaw notebooks? I saw them over in the Universal Florida theme park shop, but didn’t buy one because I didn’t know what house I was in! Thankfully I got one, but the notebooks are wonderful! I currently use a generic “Hogwarts” notebook, but it’s so eccentric – I love it!

    I’m glad you had a great time!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Was there anything left in the shop when you left, Katie? I can’t believe how much you bought, I’m so jealous! It must have cost you a fortune! I love love love it all though. I’d love to get a Slytherin t-shirt or something; seeing as that’s my house now 😉 I literally cannot believe the price of the sweets though! Great haul! ❤ xxx


    • It took several months of saving up & extra hours at work!! It’s really extortionate. I love everything I bought though – so worth every penny to me. Might have to get a couple of things from the online shop too 😉 xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

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