|FILM| Insurgent dir. Robert Schwentke


|FILM| Insurgent

dir. Robert Schwentke

Screenplay: Brian Duffield, Akiva Golsman & Mark Bomback

Released: 19th March 2015

Distributors: Summit Entertainment



I will begin by giving a small disclaimer, this review may contain spoilers. I usually try to avoid this is the first half of the review, and then delve into it in a designated area. However, because this film is a sequel to Divergent – I may unintentionally give away a spoiler. If I do, I apologise in advance, but also urge you to proceed with caution.

Right, to start with I appreciated that the film (like the book) didn’t spend too much time reliving the previous instalment. It bugs me when you spend a good 10 minutes being reminded instead of diving straight into the continuation of the story. In this instance, Tris has flashbacks of the action in Divergent through a nightmare sequence in the beginning couple of minutes of film. It was concise and efficient, so I liked that.

I really enjoyed seeing more of the factions; however I wished they’d gone into more detail about this. I would have liked to have seen the workings of the factions and how they run. I knew them because I’d read the book, but I felt like my friend Laura, who I went to see the film with, may have missed out on some interesting world building. I suppose the director preferred to add more high action and visually exciting scenes instead.

In Divergent, we’re introduced to three of the five factions, and in Insurgent the remaining ones are brought to life. I thought the set for the Amity members was absolutely stunning, and was truly what I imagined in my head. Of all the factions I would like to live here. It feels open and embraces the outdoors, there’s lots of wood and plant life. Even when they were indoors, it felt like they could have been outside because there were lots of windows so they can see their surroundings, which is very fitting for the Amity faction.

I appreciated the detail that went into the costume design. For example, as mentioned in the book the Amity wears earthy tones. The costume designer has produced a vast amount of different outfits, with tons of different shades and textures. This way the faction colours don’t feel like a uniform, and each member becomes an individual. The same can be said with each faction. I was particularly impressed with the Candor’s styling because what can you really do with black and white?

As I mentioned previously, this film really does have a lot of visually stimulating, high action moments. I did quite like this, they were well made and jaw dropping at times, particularly the moments in which simulation was involved. Those were some of my favourite scenes in the film. Usually, I’m always one for more scenes with world building qualities, and interactions between characters. That’s just me though, but this film seemed to deliver a good balance for my liking.

I would like to discuss the film in more detail, and this will definitely contain spoilers that would ruin the experience for those that haven’t read or seen the book.

Firstly, I wanted to speak about the addition of Evelyn Prior. As you know, she returns into Four’s life after her faked death. What I was frustrated by was the chemistry between the two characters. It didn’t seem believable to me, which is a shame because I was quite interested to see this relationship on screen.

I really enjoyed Peter’s character in this film, his sarcasm and dark whit knows no bounds and he stood out to me in this instalment. I think the actor did a great job. I must say I was dissapointed by the Caleb revelation. When I read the book I was shocked, and was hoping the film would emphasise the betrayal but it just seemed glossed over, and too brief.

There was one moment that struck a chord in me, and really shook me up. The moment was when the three members of Dauntless were under simulation preparing to commit suicide. Seeing the characters almost possessed is really creepy, and I thought that was powerful, which really made Tris’ decision an obvious choice.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film. I thought the script, performances and visual effects were good. There were things I would have liked to see developed but alas movie time constraints! Bring on Allegiant.


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