DIY: Easter Nests!

easter nests

Hi lovelies, today I have an Easter inspired post for you today.

I thought I’d share with you how I make easter nests! I love making these tasty treats because they’re extremely easy to make and they are also really quick. I think this would make a perfect activity to do over the Easter bank holiday, and also something you could do with small children.

What you need:

300g (or more) bars of Milk Chocolate

At least 175g of rice crispies.

Cupcake cases

Mini Eggs

Heat resistant bowl



I picked up all of the ingredients at Aldi because they’re nice and cheap. The bars of chocolate are only 30p each, and the crisp rice are 79p for a box. Which means this is a really affordable treat to make, as well as being easy.

How to make the crispy cakes:

Break up your bars of chocolate into your bowl, making the pieces as small as possible. If the pieces of chocolate are smaller it’s easier and quicker to melt them.

Pour some water into the pan, making sure not to overfill so it doesn’t boil over. It just needs to be hot enough to melt the chocolate. I boiled the kettle to make it quicker.


Sit the bowl on top of the pan of water, and sit in on the hob. I recommend putting a wooden spoon betweeen the bowl and pan to let steam out. Gently move the pieces of chocolate around until they have melted.

Once the chocolate has melted take the bowl off the pan and turn of the heat. Then slowly pour some of the rice crisps into the bowl, and turn them into the chocolate. It’s better to do this slowly to ensure that the crispies are coated evenly.


Continue until there’s no extra chocolate left over, and so that all of the rice crisps are completely covered. Then spoon them into some cupcake cases, at this point you need to add a couple of mini eggs into the ‘nests’. Pop the treats in the fridge to set. I know they’re done usually when the chocolate loses its shine and is matte.


It’s a really simple and easy treat to make, the hardest part is washing up afterwards. I love making them, and think they’d be a fun thing to do on the extra days off work.


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