New Bookcase Tour!

bookcase tour

Hi lovelies, today I thought I’d take you on a little tour of my new bookcases.

As you know, I moved house recently and I took the opportunity to organise and display my books in some new bookcases. I’d found in the cottage that I had run out of space, and that I had to double stack some of my books.


When I looked around my new home I saw that the living room had a great empty wall space for some new bookcases. My old bookcases are being used elsewhere in the house, which you’ll see if I decide to do a home tour. I bought two tall extra deep bookcases in oak from Argos. My lovely dad built them for me, and I got started unpacking my books on to the shelves.

Once I’d gathered my books I got to organising the shelves. I asked the lovely folk on twitter how they like to organise their books. A lot of people said they alphabetise books, or group together authors. As you can see in my old set-up (pictured in the before shot below) I organised them for aesthetic reasons rather than any logical order.


This time I wanted to group authors together, and somewhat order them by genre. Then I placed them so I was somewhat satisfied with how they looked. Here’s how they turned out:


These are the top four shelves. The top left is my ‘Harry Potter Shelf’ which holds my special copies of the series along with the Hogwarts library books. I popped my owl bookends there too, and I’ll be adding my 8-film boxset of the movies too. The top right has all of my darker books, or erotic romance novels. Aesthetically these books tended to have black or dark spines so they looked better together. I added my little hear no, speak no, see no evil owls, as I thought it fit the books quite well.

Directly under my Harry Potter shelf are my booksets, starting with the copies of the Lord of the Rings, moving to the Scott Pilgram books (which I gave to Stewart for an early anniversary gift), my Hunger Games trilogy. Then there’s my new set of Twilight novels, and my Divergent series. The shelf next to that is a continuation of series including the Uglies series. I know the novels by Gillian Flynn are not a series, but alas, I liked how they looked on this shelf.


The shelf that is top left in the above picture is my signed books shelf. I keep them separate because they’re very special to me. Right next to them is my old, well loved, copy of The Magic Faraway Tree, and then my ceramic graduation bear that was made for me by my adopted Nana Mary. Next to those I keep my little notebook for blog ideas, some pens and my personal library set. The shelf below that holds all of my ‘chick lit’ but it’s grouped into authors, so: Jane Costello, Nicholas Sparks, Sophie Kinsella, Giovanna Fletcher, Ali McNarma & Paige Toon.

The shelf that is top right in the pictures, holds all of my favourites. My books from David Levithan, who I’ll be meeting tomorrow (28th March – cannot wait!), John Green and Matthew Quick. Then I have my Pretty Little Liars, Stephanie Perkins trilogy, and then The Maze Runner series. I placed my little ceramic heart on this shelf to represent my love for these books. The shelf underneath that holds a miscellaneous/contemporary/YA novels. I’ve put the authors together and just arranged them so that each spine and title stood out. I noticed when I put them in rainbow order the titles would mesh together and not stand out.


The shelf that is top left in the picture holds some stand-alone chick lit books from a variety of different authors, such as Jill Mansell. Then shelf underneath that holds all of my hardback books, and book that are generally taller either because they’re proof copies that are trade paperbacks. I have only organised them by height so that the tallest are on the outsides.

The shelf that is top right in the pictures are more contemporary/YA etc sort of books. Not incredibly well organised, but the authors are together. Not alphabetical or anything, just where I felt they were best. This shelf might be one I tweak a bit but for now it’s okay. The shelf underneath this is mainly chick lit that has a light white or cream spine. I put them on the bottom shelf just so they’re all together and to brighten up the bottom shelf.


I hope you liked my bookcase tour. If you have any questions about any of the books you see on my shelves let me know, and if you have any tips and tricks for organising let me know. I love organising and tweaking my shelves so I’ll likely need to do an updated one at some point.

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