Movie Tag Part 1

movie tag part one

Hello lovelies, today’s blog post I’ll be answering the questions from the Movie Tag.

I found this tag over on youtube, on the channel TheSammiMariaShow and I thought this would be a fun tag to answer. I’ve so far only really done tags that are book related so I liked to change up. I decided to split this tag into two parts because there are a lot of questions.

1- Favourite movie of all time?        

Let’s start with an easy one, eh? Crikey! I love so many films so this is a really difficult question. After far too long deliberation and consideration, I’ve decided on You’ve Got Mail starring Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan. Every time I watch it, I feel warm and fuzzy – and it cheers me up when I’m in a miserable mood. It is an older film, and for me it hasn’t aged badly. The noise of the dial up tone is nostalgic, and it’s overall a sweet film.

You've Got Mail

2- Favourite scene from that movie?

I really enjoy all of the scenes in the little bookshop, particularly those set at Christmas. It really is a lovely set, and I’ve always wanted to own a shop like that.


3- Favourite actors /actresses?

My favourite actor is an easy choice for me. It has got to be Leonardo Dicaprio, I have never disliked a film that he has appeared in. My personal favourites are The Wolf of Wall Street, Shutter Island and my childhood favourite film, Titanic. I’m surprised he’s never won an Oscar.

My favourite actress is a recent favourite – and that actress is Mila Kunis. I love her personality and she seems like a lovely person. I loved her in Friends with Benefits and Black Swan. She has fantastic comedic timing, and shines in her performances.


4- Most annoying actor/actress?

I have no real reason to dislike this actress, it really is irrational – but I don’t like Julianne Moore. Again, I’ve no idea why! Another actress that does my tree in is Kristen Stewart. Her style of acting bugs me. She’s really stiff and has repetitive habits that distract me. When she played Bella Swan, it was one of the main reasons that I didn’t like the films as much as I thought I would.


5- Best director?

I love two directors, one is Tim Burton. I love his quirky and dark gothic style. He has directed some of my favourite films, including Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Big Fish and Sleepy Hollow. He collaborates with Johnny Depp often, and I love his work.

The other director I adore is Martin Scorsese, his work in incredible and he collaborates with Dicaprio often. When I studied film at university, we had a whole semester dedicated to the auteur, and he is just that. He creates marvellous movies, my favourites including Shutter Island, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Aviator.


6- Favourite guilty pleasure film?

I will be doing a full blog post on my favourite guilty pleasure films, but a sneak peek for you – one of my guilty pleasure films is Bring It On. I’ll leave it there because I’ll go into detail in a separate post.

bring it on
7- Favourite tear jerker?

Again, I’m going to do a more in depth post about my favourite tear jerker films, but a film that I absolutely bawl at (without fail) is Marley & Me, and anything that was adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel.


8- Character from a movie that scared you the most?

I get scared the most from paranormal horror films, like Paranormal Activity so usually it’s the characters I can’t see that terrify me. Also, possessed Katie is freaky. In fact any possessed character freaks me out.

Paranormal Activity DVD

9- Movie you love that everyone hates?

This is a tough question, I’m sure I’d find someone that’d appreciate it too. I’m thankful to have people in my life that have similar tastes, and thankful to have people that introduce me to movies I wouldn’t lean towards otherwise.

One film I liked (not loved, it’s not amazing but I enjoyed it anyway) is Glitter starring Mariah Carey. Trust me when I say I can understand why it was trashed by critics and most people hated it. For some reason I enjoyed it, possibly because I liked Mariah.

10- Movie you hate that everyone loves?

Again, this is a tough question. This is a bit of a cop out, but I haven’t seen Inception yet and it’s supposed to be amazing. For no other reason than I haven’t felt like watching it yet. It’s not a great answer, because I’ll probably end up loving it – but I’ve hardly leapt to watch it either.


Keep your eye out for the second half of this tag. There’s still lots of great questions to come! As ever, if you’d like to do this tag then I officially tag you – feel free to take the questions from here. I’d love to hear if you do this tag, make sure to tweet me the link!


8 thoughts on “Movie Tag Part 1

    • Spielberg is pretty epic, it must be said.
      I only chose Inception as the film I hate but everyone else loves, purely because I haven’t seen it yet and everyone adores it. I couldn’t think of an answer lol


  1. You’ve got mail is my absolute favourite in this list! – Favourite movie of all time! and I totally agree with you on that inception thing! I don’t get.
    This is a lovely list though 🙂 i THINK very accurate too.
    Have a wonderful weekend


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