New House = Home Haul!

home haul

Hi lovelies, today I’d like to share with you some of the things I’ve purchased for my new home.

As you may now, I recently moved from the cottage I was living in to a new home. We’d never really settled fully into the cottage because we knew it wasn’t a permanent situation. Since we’ve moved into a house that we will be in for the forseeable future, we wanted to take the opportunity to collect some items that will reflect our style and add some personality that we couldn’t really do in the cottage.

We did a little bit of shopping and also received some wonderful gifts from family and friends, and are well on our way to making this house a home.


I received these items as gifts from my beautiful friends, Laura (left picture) & Emma (right picture). We absolutely love them. Laura gifted us some potpourri and reed diffuser in a gorgeous white jasmine scent. We absolutely love them, they smell really fresh and clean. She also gave us a glass bowl to put the potpourri in, which now sits on our coffee table. Laura also gave me a cute wooden sign that says ‘Good friends are like diamonds… precious & rare!’ – isn’t that adorable. Thanks Laura!

Emma gave us an adorable glass bottle (which we put pasta in) that says Home Sweet Home. This fits perfectly in the kitchen and adds a lot of colour. She also gave us an orange candle that also currently sits on my kitchen counter. Thank you so much Emma for the fantastic gifts, and also for all your help when we moved.


We had a gift card for Next so we popped in and found the owl coasters. Ideal for our dining table so that we don’t have to keep moving the set from the coffee table.

I found this wonderful little frame in Paperchase – I love it. It sits on a side table in my living room, and I need to put a picture in it still.


We received this cute little message board as a gift from Stew’s sister, and we love it. This will be perfect for writing little notes to each other, and leave reminders.

Stewart actually found the plastic popcorn holders when we were shopping in The Range! I got Stew a popcorn maker for Christmas so these will be perfect, along with the machine, for movie nights. Best thing is they were only £1!! Bargain buy.


When we moved from the cottage we realised that the items we had in the bathroom didn’t work in the new house. We decided to go for these shattered mirrored effect pieces to add a bit of sparkle and light to the bathroom. We picked these up at our local Asda.


Our new bathroom is all white so we felt like we needed to add a pop of colour to brighten the room up. We decided on a bright blue, and we bought the little storage boxes from Wilkinsons for £1.50. Not only are they colourful but they serve a purpose. We also picked up matching towels and mat from Asda.

After we’d received the house warming gifts from Laura, we decided to pick up a candle in the same scent as we had some pennies left on the gift card. This one sits in my bathroom, at the end of my bath for when I need a nice relaxing bubble bath.


The tiles in our new kitchen are a beautiful light green (as you can see in the background of the picture) so we picked up four new tumblers with a green ombré effect. They were really cheap from The Range and they add a bit more colour to our plain collection of glasses.

The feature wall in our new bedroom is also green, so we decided to embrace this and get some new bedding from The Range. The new bedding brightens up the room and makes it look really fresh. Think the next purchases will likely be some throw cushions for the bed.

Hope you like my first home haul — and I’ll be posting more home related posts in the future. If you have any requests, please let me know!


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