Girls day in Liverpool, and saying Bon Voyage!

liverpool day

Hi lovelies, today I thought I’d share with you what I got up to when I went to Liverpool recently.

On February 28th, I headed to my local train station and met up with my best girl, Laura. We wanted to have a catch up, and a quick look in the shops before we met up with the other girls. Once we arrived in Liverpool, we had a stroll over into L1 and I went to the huge Waterstones there (of course, we did!). I am proud to say that I went in there, and left without purchasing anything. My Project Kill My TBR is coming along a treat. We wandered through the shelves, and admired all of the beautiful books – particularly the cloth bound editions of all the classic novels. Stunning!

We walked back to Central train station to meet up with other girls: Stacie, Samantha and Antonia. We stood for a while chatting and catching up, and we waited there for Yasmin who was walking down from Lime Street station with her new baby Skye, and her fiancé Daniel. Once we were all reunited we walked (the long way) to a Japanese restaurant, called Sapporo Teppanyaki.


It was my first time in a Japanese restaurant, and I’d say I’d go again. There was a chef that cooked our food in front of us, which was pretty cool. I didn’t really know what to order so I chose teriyaki chicken with egg fried rice, and it was delicious. Some of the girls had some cool looking sushi and cocktails too. Whilst we were waiting for the food to be made, I held baby Skye for the first time and had a lovely cuddle with her. She is absolutely gorgeous, and has beautiful big brown eyes. She’s very inquisitive and likes to have a look at her surroundings. Gorgeous!


After the lunch we had, we decided to have a stroll through Liverpool and find somewhere to sit so Skye could have her bottle. The only place that wasn’t completely packed was Debenhams café where we sat and chatted. Then Samantha had to go and get her train, so we all said goodbye to her. I always enjoy seeing Sam, she has got to be one of the most fabulous people I have ever met and she always makes me laugh. I have a lot of love for this beautiful lady. Then Yasmin, Daniel and baby Skye had to head home. It was fantastic seeing this beautiful family, and seeing one of my best friends with a baby. We’re all so proud of her, and adore baby Skye.


Laura, Antonia, Stacie and I decided to go to Ed’s Diner for a milkshake, which changed quite quickly to a milkshake and food. I love this retro American style diner. We sat in a booth that had a little jukebox. I ordered a burger with bacon and cheese, and shared some cheesy bacon fries. This is one of my favourite places to eat. After we’d finished food, we said farewell to Antonia who was heading off to Primark before it closed, and then Laura and I walked Stacie to the train station.


This is where the day got really sad. We’d gone to Liverpool to catch up, but also to say a farewell to our gorgeous friend, Stacie. I’m so proud and excited for this lady, as she’s going travelling to Japan for a year! How incredible is that?? She’s going to have the time of her life, and I’m going to miss her so much. She is actually flying today (13th March) and I’m thinking of her lots, and hoping she has a safe flight.



Hope you enjoyed this little post, and seeing what I got up to in Liverpool. I’m going to head back again soon to visit Central Perk and do a bit of home shopping, so keep an eye out for that.


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