Moving House

moving house

Hi lovelies, today I’m going to be talking about my process when it comes to moving homes.

At the moment, I’m living with my boyfriend, Stewart, and my kitten, Dobby, in a cosy cottage in the middle of the country side. We knew when we moved in that this wouldn’t be a permenant situation. The cottage is actually owned by Stewart’s auntie who is renovating the property. She currently lives across the country, and wanted someone to look after the place whilst she wasn’t in town. This gave Stewart and I the opportunity to live together for the first time and start building a collection of the things we need.

We both feel like the time has come for us to move on. We’re ready for the next adventure and also the renovations will be getting more drastic at the cottage, and therefore more disruptive. We started our search on rightmove for rental properties within a decent commute time to work. We found a couple of houses that we wanted to view, and we booked them. This was until another fantastic opportunity fell upon us. Well, my best friend Laura’s mum owns a property business, and she was just about finishing a property that was ideal for Stewart and I. We went round to see the property the next day, and Jane kindly gave us first refusal. There was no chance we would say no. I’ve known Jane for as long as I’ve known Laura and I’ve seen first hand the passion, and dedication she puts into her properties. I knew before seeing the property that Jane would have worked her magic and made the place beautiful.She likes to buy properties that need a lot of love, and rennovate them to high standards for her tenants.

Once we said “YES. PLEASE!” we had a massive amount of prep to do. Fortunately, because we knew that the cottage wasn’t a permanent situation we hadn’t fully unpacked our things. There is a lot of boxes neatly stacked in a spare room. So really, all we had to do was start packing the things we were using. This was still a daunting task, let me tell you! Imagine the boxes I needed just for my books – I needed 4 huge crates to pack all of my books. Luckily, I work in retail and so was able to bring home a bunch of boxes after every shift. This way we didn’t have to spend a ton of money on ‘packing kits’, and we are recycling.

Our first port of call was shedding anything we didn’t want anymore. I thought to myself, ‘if that item has been in this box for over a year, and I didn’t know it was even there – I may not really need it.’ We both purged a ton of clothes, that either didn’t fit or had faded etc, and really minimised the things that would end up as clutter in the new home.

As you know, I’m doing my Project ‘Kill My TBR’ and part of that meant sorting through the books that I knew I was never going to pick up, and I had already done this before I knew I was moving again, which was helpful. I also went through this process with the DVDs I owned, we decided we’d take these to CEX (a second-hand store for things like DVDs, games, consoles etc) and try and get some pennies for them. Some of them literally went for a penny too, but it all added up and we walked out with just over £22 (we took in two massive bags, and I felt so bad for the assistant that had to scan them all into the system. She was nice about it, and really efficient though so all is well). We decided to do this instead of taking them to a charity shop (which is what I did with my books) because we thought the money could go towards paying for the van hire.

I’d like to think I’m quite an organised person, and I made tons of lists of things that needed organising (such as, changing addresses on driving licenses, finding a better broadband provider, etc). In doing this, I relieved a lot of things that would probably stress most people out. I’m one of those people that like things to be done and dusted, immediately – if not sooner, and so (weirdly?) I enjoyed this part of the process.

We’ll be moving March 2nd, and unfortunately we’re not likely to have internet at the cottage for the last month of being here, (I believe today is the last day, but we’re hoping not), so I’m having to take a blog holiday whilst we move and get the internet is raring to go. I was really hoping to be back in time for my 1 year blogiversary, which is coming quicker than I realised (21st February), but the date for the move had been up in the air until last night. I will find internet somehow to at least post on my blogiversary! I can continue to write my blog posts and so you’ll have lots to see when I fully return.

Looking forward to being back! I hope you’re all well.

Speak soon! Katie xxx


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