Project ‘Kill My TBR’

project kill my tbr

Hi lovelies, today I’m going to be talking to you about a project I’m working on in 2015. That project is to kill my TBR pile.

I mentioned in my November & December 2014 Book Haul that I’m not going to be posting as many book hauls in the new year. I know there definitely won’t be monthly haul anymore, and I’m still undecided whether I’ll just post seasonal ones or just the odd post now and again.

The reason I’ve made the decision to kill my TBR is because I got towards the end of 2014 and I realised there were so many unread books in my bookcase, and I had such an overwhelming feeling of guilt and pressure. I’d had someone poke fun at how many unread books I had, and I knew it was starting to become ridiculous.

In 2015, I’m going to start killing my TBR. This means different things for different people, but for me this means not buying any more books and focusing on the ones I do have. Before New Years Eve, I filled a bag with books that were sitting on my shelves that I knew deep down I was never going to read. These books will be on the way to the charity shop (if not already there) and will hopefully be united with someone that’ll get a lot of pleasure from reading them. I’m starting to fully realise that if I’m not excited about the book, then they’re going to be sat unread some time. So, this is my first step: to purge the books that I can honestly say I know I’m never going to read.

The second step I’m going to take to kill my TBR is by obviously not buying more books that I’m reading. I noticed that there were quite a number of books on my shelves that I’d catergorise as “I’ll get to it at some point…”, and the vast majority of them are ones that I’ve picked up on a whim in places like Supermarkets. The 2 for £7 deals or 3 for £10 deals are great but were really just piling on books that I’m unlikely to find time for. I’ve just flicked them over and read the blurb, thought they sounded good and bought them. I completely blame the blogging bug for this, as I know I went mad. This impulse book buying needs to stop completely in order for me to complete my goal. If I’ve never heard about it before, I’m not going to drop everything to begin reading it.

When I went back over the books that I’d read in 2014, I could see that they were books that I’d known about for some time, and had been on my wishlist. Step three in my plan is if I see a book that I really would like to read I’m just going to stick it on my wishlist. After a while, I’ll go back over that wishlist and cut books that I don’t like the sound of anymore. If that book still stays after some pruning I know I’ll still be excited to read it. I think this will be a good way of watching my finances, as I know I need to prioritse different things in this new year. Really, books don’t have a sell by date so I can usually just get hold of them as and when I want them.

Step four in my plan to get through my TBR is to not request as many books from publication houses. This way I’m not accumulating a pile of books that I feel like I need to read instantly so they can up for publication date. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for that book right now but I may be another time. I feel bad if I miss the dates so this way I’m not creating any bad feelings towards my hobby and avoiding making this feel like a chore. Afterall, this is all fun right?

Ultimately, my goal is to get through all my unread books one way or another. By reading the ones that I want to read and donating ones I know I’m not going to read to charity. Then when I have reached the final unread books I’ll be excited to buy new ones and read them instantly.

Let me know what your blogging or reading goals are for the new year. Have you got any tips I can use for killing my TBR pile? I may do update posts on this throughout the year and let you all know how I’m getting on.


8 thoughts on “Project ‘Kill My TBR’

  1. I totally agree, I have a mountain of books to get through and also review books just add that extra anxiety to get everything read sooner. It’s much better to only take on what you know you can do.


  2. I literally own hundreds of books that I need to read. I’m beyond feeling much guilt at this point, because I know I’m not going to stop myself from buying more books. However, I do still want to read the ones I own. I joined a challenge on goodreads that focuses on reading the old books you already own, so I told myself that 40 of the books I read this year should be books I already own. I’m also going to go through my shelves and purge any that I know I won’t read – I’ll be surprised if I get rid of more than 15 books, but still, it helps!


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