Top 10 Books of 2014


Hi lovelies! Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2015 brings you good health, and happiness.

Seen as this is my first post of 2015, I thought I would praise my top 10 books for the previous year. This year I completed 38 books, I did start some books that I haven’t finished, decided to read another time, or haven’t gripped me enough to want to read further. I know there are lots of people that read more than 100 books, but alas, I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to dedicate to reading. I’m very happy with the amount of books I’ve read this year, it’s more than the years previous so I can’t complain.

I appreciated all of the books I read this year, but the following 10 are the stand outs for me this year! I had such a tough time choosing my favourites, and I may add some honourable mentions at the end. Here we go, in decending order – My top 10 books of 2014:

Love Like The Movies

Love Like The Movies by Victoria Van Tiem

This book pulled me out of a reading slump, I couldn’t put this book down. Prior to reading this I had been a bit fed up with romance, and became frustrated by the feeling of deja vu. I felt like I kept reading the same plot over and over again, but this was a stand out to me because of it’s unique quality. This book references all of the great chick-flick films, and is a movie lovers dream. The characters are engaging and it’s got just enough drama and romance to keep me thoroughly entertained.
Full review here

Eleanor and Park

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

It was a tough decision to pick only one of the Rainbow Rowell books I read this year. I wanted to put them all on my list of top books, but this one stood out more than the others I have read from this author. It was beautifully written, with fantastic characters and a gripping plot. Honourable mention is definitely Fangirl, I adored that too.

Full review here

Precious Thing

Precious Thing by Colette McBeth

This was one of the most gripping books I read this year, I felt the need to race through to find out what happened to the characters. The plot was fast paced and suspenseful. It sent me on a roller coaster, whipping through different narrative twists and turns. It’s definitely a read that will chill you. I lent this book to my mum, and she loved it also.

Full review here


Trouble by Non Pratt

This was a refreshing read for me, because I’d had a bit of a on-off relationship with YA novels this year. Some I couldn’t get into because they made me realise I’m older than most of the characters, and then I can’t get over it. This book however, brought me back to highschool. The language and plot felt real, and so the characters became relatable. I thought the plot, a teenage pregnancy, was explored well, along with the darker sides of social media and bullying.

Full review here

The Silver Linings Playbook

The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

I saw the adaptation of this novel prior to reading this, and I’m kicking myself that I left it as long as I did. I adored this book. I loved reading about the main character, Pat’s, often turbulent relationships with his family. I had never really read anything that focused on the impact of mental illness. I enjoyed it so much that it led me to purchase quite a few other novels that have focus on mental illness.

Full review here


Divergent by Veronica Roth

I read this book not too long after I started my blog back in February of last year. I fell in love with it instantly and became enthralled in the world that Roth created. I became fascinated by the different factions and gripped by the fast paced, action packed plot lines. I fell in love with Four and related to the spirit in Tris. I’d say this was my favourite Dystopian read of the year for sure.

Full review here


The Dead Wife’s Handbook by Hannah Beckerman

When it came to the debut novels I read this year, this one was my all time favourite. I adored this book, it was a very heart felt, emotionally gripping, mesmerising read. I couldn’t fault it, I connected instantly with the character and felt protective over her family. I don’t think the memory of the way this book made me feel will leave me any time soon. This was another book I leant to my mum, and she loved it to.

Full review here

Gone Girl

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

This was another book I read because I had seen an adaptation for it. This is a very hyped up book and for me it deserves all the praise it recieved. I thought it was cunning, and dark. I loved the unreliable narrator, and the way the plot was structured. It’s a very clever read, that I found to be hard to predict. This is definitely a tale of two halves and one that will leave you wanting to know more. I gave this one to my mum for christmas because I know she’ll love it as much as I did.

Full review here

One Day

One Day by David Nicholls

I found this book because Carrie Hope Fletcher mentioned it in a video about her all time favourite books, and I’m happy to see it’s also on my own list. This was my favourite book in terms of characters and relationships. I loved the banter between the main characters, and that their relationship isn’t straight forward. It felt real, and the incredible dialogue is one of the factors in that. I gave this book to my brother’s girlfriend, Jen for christmas because I thought she’d love it too.

Full review here


The Book Thief by Markus Zusack

Where can I start with this book? It was a heart-wrenching, life affirming read that stayed with me long after finishing. There are no words for how much I loved this book. I loved that it is a historical fiction, and that Death narrated the novel. I loved that Liesel has a desire for words and books. This wasn’t a book that I would have picked up on a normal basis, but I’m glad I took a leap because this became my favourite book of 2014.

Full review here

I’m looking forward to the great books I’m sure I will find in 2015, and finding new favourites. I’m always looking for recommendations and I’m curious to see what your favourite books are. All the best for the new year! 


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Books of 2014

  1. Interesting that Gone Girl is on there – I enjoyed that book (minus the ending!). Divergent was great, so was the movie. I wasn’t a fan of the other two books though…

    I did a similar post to this on my blog, but I just said what my number one book was for 2014, and for me it was “The One Hundred Year Old Man…” by Jonas Jonasson. I really enjoyed that book!

    Interesting post – Happy New Year!


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  3. Gone Girl was one of my favourite books of 2014 too!
    Some of these I’ve not read myself, but I’ve set myself a task of reading 50 books this year so thanks for giving me some more to add to my list haha 🙂


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