Day Twenty-Four: Xmas Throwbacks & Traditions + Giveaway!


Hello lovelies, today’s Festive-Blog-Athon post is all about my past Christmasses and the traditions I have with my family.

Where to begin? I have such fond memories of Christmasses as a child. I have really been blessed at Christmas, and I truly appreciate everything my parents did for us children to make our Christmas magical. I should mention, because I’m not sure if I ever have on my blog, I have 3 brothers: Rob, Steven and Ricky. I grew up mostly with Steven and Ricky as Rob is a fair bit older and wasn’t living at home anymore. Steven, Ricky and I would always wake up ridiculously early, sometimes as early as 3am (sorry mum and dad!). Whichever one of us was awake first would go and wake up the others. I used to say it was always Steven that woke us up first, but I have to admit it would be me the odd time too.


Once we were awake, we’d go into my parents room and climb onto their bed to open up the things that were left in our stockings. Then we’d wait for my parents to get changed, and my dad would check to see if Santa had been (I think he was going to turn the camcorder on) and then we’d wait at the living room door until we were allowed it. I always remember walking in and being shocked at the gifts that were left for us. We’d spend the morning unwrapping gifts and playing with the new toys.


Around lunchtime my grandparents would come round to have dinner with us. I have great memories of receiving a beautiful hand made dolls house made by my Grandad Thompson. I also used to play hair dressers with my Grandma and I remember charging her 50p for styling her hair. I remember my dad spending ages setting up the toys and putting stickers in the appropriate places, and my Grandpops watching Mr Blobby VHS with us. These are truly treasured memories to me because my Grandparents are no longer with us, and we miss them the most at this time of year.


I have to say, my dad makes the fittest Christmas dinners. He has perfected it; the turkey is perfect, the trimmings and potatoes are perfect, and he makes the best stuffing ever. I think I look forward to this more than anything now that I’m older. Plus, I love making everyone wear the silly cracker hats. Although, they never fit my head they always slip down my face.

In terms of special family traditions, we made quite a few as we were growing up. When we were younger, we’d go into town on Christmas Eve and be allowed to get one small toy to keep us distracted until Christmas day. As we got older, we decided to avoid the people that are last minute (and therefore stressed) Christmas shopping, and stay in to play board games. We make a point to always watch Muppet Christmas Carol and enjoy spending time together. We still uphold this tradition even though we’re older and three of us don’t live at home anymore. Now this tradition has changed a little bit, because for the last couple of years we’ve been having a pre-Christmas day with my niece and nephews. We all gather at my parents house and the kids open the presents from our side of the family.


I can’t believe this is the final post in the Festive-Blog-Athon and I just want to say thank you for everyone that has made this such a success. Thanks to everyone that has read, shared and participated, and a huge thank you to all of the people that kindly did a festive guest post. We’re truly honoured and thankful.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas however you choose to celebrate it, and I’d like to send you all the best wishes for 2015! I’ll see you all then.

Oh wait, I need to tell you all about the final giveaway for Festive-Blog-Athon!

Abbey and I are giving away a £10 Waterstones gift card to one of you lucky people. This giveaway is UK only unfortunately. We hope you find something lovely in the sales!

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Congratulations Lynsey! DM one of us on twitter and we’ll get the prize to you!


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