Festive Guest Post – Q&A with Sophia Valentine!

festive guest post

Hi lovelies – today’s Festive Guest Post is a Christmas Q&A with Sophia Valentine.

Sophia formerly enjoyed a successful career in a solicitors firm, following a diploma in Law. In 2012, she left her home in England for the excitement of sunny Spain, and returned to her lifelong passion of writing. Currently working on her debut novel, she also enjoys the phenomenal night-life of bars and clubs in Ibiza, shopping, holidaying and sunbathing at private villas, lapping up the rays, and drinking a Cosmopolitan. She also writes a blog about: general life, relationships, travel, beauty, books, and interviews authors: www.authorsophia.wordpress.com. She is inspired by her own experiences, and everything around her, so there is an element of truth in some of her stories. They do say to write what you know…..

When do you normally get in the Festive spirit?

Just before December. When I start to see Christmas decorations up, hear Christmassy songs in shops, it definitely gets me feeling festive!

What is a family tradition you like to have or do at Christmas?

Getting together. At Christmas, all the family have a big dinner at my moms house, my sisters, brother, their partners, uncle, nephews. There’s usually over ten of us. We’ll then watch a Christmas film, or the adults will have a drink on the night.

Favourite past Christmas?

Christmas when you’re younger are always the best. I had some brilliant Christmases. Still do!

Do you love buying/wrapping gifts and seeing everybodys face’s on Christmas Day?

Yes. I LOVE Christmas shopping. I like to put some thought into peoples gifts. I like to wrap them all in fancy paper with bows. My nephews opening their presents is probably the best, as they’re young, and their faces light up 🙂

Favourite Christmas Book?

I Heart Christmas – Lindsey Kelk.

What is it like on Christmas Day for you & your family?

Again, we all have a big Christmas dinner, usually open presents together, and watch a film, or have a celebratory drink after.

When do you normally put your Christmas tree up?


Favourite Christmas Movie?

So many. Home Alone, Jingle All The Way, Bad Santa, Christmas Carol, Christmas With The Kranks.

Big thanks to Sophia for taking part in Festive-Blog-Athon! Make sure you check out her blog, and keep an eye out for her debut novel.

Where to find Sophia:

Blog: www.authorsophia.wordpress.com
Twitter: @SophiaVAuthor

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