Day Fifteen: Top 10 gifts under £10 + Giveaway!

Hey lovelies, I hope you’re well! Today’s post is all about some Christmas bargains.

I wanted to create a sort of gift guide for all of you that may have someone in your life that you’re struggling to buy for. The best thing of all, these gifts are all under £10!

Yankee Candle Winter Votive Set – £6

You can get this set for the candle lovers in your life, from Asda. This would be a good one if you’re not sure what scent they like, because they would have 6 different wintery smells to choose from. I really like Yankee candles because the scents fill the room and burn really well. My favourite at Christmas time is the Christmas Cookies scent, which is their Vanilla candle. It might not be for everyone because it is extremely sweet! I love it though.

Yankee Candles

You can find this online here

Travalo Refillable Atomiser Spray – £6.99

I think this makes for a great gift for all of the perfume/cologne wearers, particularly the ones that travel on a regular basis. The Travalo is a handy gadget because it means you can carry around your favourite scent to re-spray throughout the day. All you have to do is take the cap off your favourite perfume and pump the liquid into the Travalo, then you’re good to go. They’re lightweight and small enough to slip into your handbag or school bag, so you don’t have to walk round carrying the heavy bottle. Plus they come in a range of different colours.


You can find these online here

Personalised Bookmark – £6.55

I came across this Etsy seller via booktube videos and I immediatly ordered myself one. The seller gives you a questionaire to fill out so that she knows all of the things you love, and then incorporates them into your bookmark design. This would be a great gift for the book lovers in your life, and is a great chance to show them how well you know them. The only problem with this one is that it will take a while to receive it, but you can make a fun christmas card with a picture of the personalised bookmarks and explain there is one on the way just for them!


You can find this online here

Lush Gift Boxes – £8.50

I think these are a good idea for those that you might have trouble picking something for. In Lush they have tons of different giftboxes (all pre-wrapped) and for a vast price range. The one you can see in the picture is under £10 and has 2 limited edition Christmas items in the box. Lush also has a lot of Christmas themed bath bombs and bubble bars etc, so you can pick up some of those for less than £5 each!


You can find these online here

Personalised World’s Best Tankard/Mug – £9.99

I do love a nice personalised gift, I think they’re a great way to be thoughtful and show the recipient that you spent a bit of time carefully selecting their gift. These mugs/tankards are a fun little keep-sake gift. My mum is a big tea drinker (although she’s very particular about the shape of a mug – don’t ask), and she doesn’t drink alcohol so this would have been ideal for her.


You can find these online here

Guylian – Tin Chocolate Filled Bauble – £5.59

Any chocolate lovers out there? This would be a perfect one from them. This is a fun little gift, or stocking stuffer. It’s a fun way of giving someone some chocolates for Christmas because it comes in a bauble — isn’t that fun! It’s just a little something different as oppose to the same sort of selection boxes.

choc bauble

You can find these online here

Christmas Cracker Film Set – £10.60

Okay, so this one isn’t under £10 but, I figured I could be forgiven because this is a really good deal! Not only are you avoiding having to pay for delivery because it’s over £10 but you’re getting 6 fantastic Christmas films! That’s only £1.70 each, which is a great bargain. This would be perfect for anybody looking to expand their festive DVD collections.

dvd set

You can find these online here

Seventeen Eye Palette – £8.00

Want to get something for the Make-up lovers in your life? This one would be a good idea. This little palette is perfect for creating different eye looks, and would be ideal for travelling. This would be a good starter kit for those just getting into wearing make up or that may want to try some more daring shades.


You can find these online here

My True Love Gave To Me – £7.69

This is a wonderful gift for any book lovers in your life, that love a bit of romance and a lot of different options. This is good if you’re not sure which authors they love, because this book has 12 different popular authors. If they’ve never read anything from these authors then this may open up a whole new reading adventure for them. My True Love Gave To Me has 12 winter romances wrapped up in a beautiful hardback, with pink pages!


You can find this online here

Baileys + Glass and Chocolate – £5

A gift for the people in your life that like a cheeky little drink to make their Christmas merry. This is a nice set, and a really good price. I personally would only drink Baileys at Christmas so I associate this drink with this time of year.


You can find these online here

We have a really fantastic giveaway for you today. Are you ready for this??

We are giving away a £10 One4All gift voucher, this voucher can be redeemed in a ton of different shops, so that you can purchase yourself (or someone else) a little gift before Christmas. This giveaway is UK only because it’s for UK shops.
Click here if you’d like to enter the giveaway!


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