Day Thirteen: Xmas Wrapping Skills + How To


Hi lovelies, today’s Festive-Blog-Athon post is all about wrapping Christmas gifts! 

I became my families designated wrapper at Christmas, so it’s safe to say I’ve picked up a fair bit of experience in my time. I thought it’d be fun idea to do a sort of ‘how-to’ post for those of you that might not know how.

Here’s a step-by-step for wrapping a present.

Take the gift you want to wrap and pop it on the center of your chosen wrapping paper. Here is where you need to make sure that you have enough paper so that you can take at least two sides and make them meet in the middle with a little to spare. The other two sides do not have to do this, but you’ll need enough to fold and cover the present. Then cut your wrapping paper.

Once you’ve done that, flip the gift upside down so that it is on the wrong side of the wrapping paper and the top is facing the plain side. That way the recipient can see what it is as soon as the rip the paper off. Fold one side over and secure it with tape. On the opposite side, fold it over on itself slightly so that you have a clean edge, only if your edge isn’t straight otherwise you don’t need to do this. Then fold this side to meet the other and secure with tape.

I usually have excess wrapping paper on the edges, and I trim it a little so I don’t have too much. It makes it a lot easier to fold without the extra. I think you want to aim to have about as much length there as your package is tall. Fold one side in. and flatten the two edges that you’ve made. Do this again on the other side. If you were looking from the top of your package, it should look like \_/ or, if your package is smaller, it might just look like a \/.

Fold the top flap down. On the bottom flap, fold the raw edge over so that it is a straight edge. Then fold it up and secure with tape. Then you need to do it all again on the other side. I always found this side easier, because I could now tip the gift up and get a better angle at it.


Once I have wrapped the gift in paper, I like to tie a ribbon in it. I use the traditional parcel knot to do this.

Have a ribbon thats long enough to go round your present twice! Lay ribbon over the top of the box, this is the side the bow will come out on. Keeping your ribbon in line turn over the box and cross over the ribbons and direct them vertically. Turn the gift back to the front and take both ends and slide them under the horizontal ribbon. Tie a knot in the ends and either tie in a bow or cut. I tend to score the remaining ribbon and then stick on a bow.

Hope this maybe helped some of you! Do you enjoy wrapping Christmas presents? I imagine most people find it a chore, but I love it!

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