Festive Guest Post – Q&A with Rebecca Chance! + Giveaway

festive guest post

Hi lovelies, today’s Festive Guest Post is a Christmassy Q&A with Rebecca Chance.

Rebecca Chance was born in Hampstead to international art dealer parents, and grew up in the exclusive millionaire’s row surroundings of London’s St John’s Wood. Tiring of her cushioned, privileged existence, she ran away to Tuscany to live a wild bohemian life on a wine-making estate, where she lived in a 14th century villa in a Chianti vineyard, partying with artists, learning Italian, and picking grapes. But big city life was calling her, and after staying in Rome and Porto Ercole, she moved to Manhattan, lured by the glamorous single-girl existence and nonstop nightlife. She spent a decade living the Sex and The City dream in SoHo, equally at home in an uptown penthouse on Fifth Avenue overlooking the Metropolitan Museum, or downtown dancing on the bar of the Coyote Ugly for kicks. Eventually, a handsome American husband in tow, she moved back to London to settle down (as much as she can) and finally fictionalize some of her most exciting and glamorous experiences into her bestselling blockbuster novels.

Favourite thing you love at Christmas?

Spending the holiday at our house in Tuscany, Italy, with my straight and my gay husband. We sit by the fire reading and playing games, go for long walks to balance out all the food and wine we’re putting away, see friends, and hang our three stockings over the fireplace Christmas Eve. The gay husband usually takes off to see his boyfriend after Xmas and then my husband and I spend New Year’s Eve with Italian friends before reluctantly flying back to London with our suitcases stuffed with Italian wine, food and olive oil to continue the celebrations!

Any family traditions at Christmas?

See above! We’ve been doing this for around seven years now on and off, and are definitely a family. But my husband and I have alternated with visits to my sister and her family in Edinburgh – they have a huge place there, big enough for almost all of us (there are lots!) and there it’s much the same – games, laughs, eating and drinking and long walks! When there are so many of us we do a £5 gift limit for each other’s presents and it’s a lot of fun trying to get something appropriate for each person and stay within that limit.

What do you love about Christmas?

It used to be the presents but honestly I now feel I have everything I need! I actually discourage my husband from going crazy with the present-giving, but he loves to do it and is a really good gift-giver – much better than me, if I’m honest. Nowadays what I love most is the chance to slow down from my insanely busy life – this year I’ve been travelling and writing non-stop and am pretty exhausted. I really crave my armchair by the fireplace, my new stack of books to read and my glass or three of Chianti!

Favourite Christmas Treat?

Definitely chocolate. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I really love all the fun/interesting/crazy flavours of arty chocolate places like Hotel Chocolat are making nowadays. I love the salt caramel and the gin ones (unsurprisingly) – they make fabulous blends of cocktails and chocolate!

The lovely Rebecca is kindly giving away a signed copy of her novel, Bad Angels!!

bad angels

Click here to enter the giveaway!

You can find Rebecca:

Twitter: @MsRebeccaChance

Website: rebeccachanceauthor.com


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