Festive Guest Post – Samantha Tonge! + Giveaway

festive guest post

Hi lovelies, today’s Festive Guest Post is brought to you by Samantha Tonge.

Samantha Tonge lives in Cheshire with her lovely family, and two cats who think they are dogs. When not writing, she spends her days cycling and willing cakes to rise. She has sold over 80 short stories to women’s magazines. Her bestselling debut novel, Doubting Abbey, was shortlisted for the Festival of Romantic Fiction best Ebook award in 2014. Its fun standalone sequel is From Paris with Love.

Today, Samantha will be revealing her Five Fave Festive Things!

Christmas music. I just love it. Cheesier the better, in my opinion. Bing Crosby’s White Christmas features in my novel, Mistletoe Mansion, and is such a feel-good, nostalgic song. As soon as I hear any of the classics playing, I feel as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve. Santa Baby… Merry Xmas Everybody… Last Christmas… They all create images in my mind of roasting fires, mulled wine and romance… Michael Bublé’s Xmas CDs are current favourites.

Snow. It’s always a disappointment to me when I wake up Christmas Day to sunshine. No! We want magically dusted streets, sparkly windows and children outside building snowmen. Of course, I work at home so haven’t the worry of cars not starting or black ice traffic jams… But there’s something so special about flakes tumbling down in December. And it gives everyone a great excuse to wear those handknitted jumpers they’ve been given as presents!

Watching other people open their gifts, when hopefully all your hard work shopping and wrapping has paid off. Online purchasing is brilliant nowadays – you can find really personal presents to suit everyone’s particular tastes.
And I think I might include here, our cats’ expressions when we tear off colourful paper, as another thing I love. Both of mine adore playing peek-a-boo under the discarded wrapping. What with the tree indoors, I think Christmas is probably just one more thing that convinces cats that their human owners are bonkers!

Christmas lights – and this is just one reason I love my sparkly cover for Mistletoe Mansion. Nothing beats a dark room lit up with fairy lights, just brightening the room enough so that you can see pretty baubles twinkling. And, of course, it means not having the overhead lights on, which is brilliant if you’re not looking your best after over-indulging! My favourites are the multi-coloured ones – but please, none of those flashing fairy lights, they make me feel queasy!

And finally, come January the First, tearing down all the decorations and packing away the tree. Much as I love Christmas, by then I am heartily sick of the glitz and clutter and nuts and chocolate and… Phew, with everything festive stored away again, for a few moments even my untidy house looks decidedly minimalist!

Samantha’s latest novel Mistletoe Mansion stars a new set of characters and is for fans of cupcakes and Christmas!

Mistletoe Mansion-1
Kimmy Jones has three loves: cupcakes, gossip magazines and dreaming of getting fit just by owning celeb workouts.
When Kimmy’s Sensible Boyfriend told her he didn’t approve of her longing for the high life or her dream of starting a cupcake company Kimmy thought she could compromise – after all, she did return those five-inch Paris Hilton heels! But asking her to trade in cake-making for a job sorting potatoes is a step too far.
So, newly single – and newly homeless – Kimmy needs a dusting of Christmas luck. And, masquerading as a professional house sitter, her new temporary home is the stunning Mistletoe Mansion. Soon she’s best buds with glamorous next door golf WAG Melissa, and orders are pouring in for her fabulous Merry Berry cupcakes! The only thorn in her side is handsome handyman Luke, a distraction she definitely doesn’t need. And talking of distractions, something very odd is going on at night…
Kimmy is finally living the life she’s always wanted. But will her glimpse into the glittering lifestyle of the rich and famous be as glamorous as she’s always imagined…?

Samantha is kindly giving away a prize today! She is giving away a Tote bag and a sprig of Mistletoe (which matches her book titles nicely!)

Click here if you’d like to enter to win!

You can find Samatha:
Twitter: @SamTongeWriter

Facebook: facebook.com/SamanthaTongeAuthor”

Website: samanthatonge.co.uk

Doubting abbey Blog: doubtingabbey.blogspot.co.uk

AmazonUK: Mistletoe Mansion

AmazonUS: Mistletoe Mansion


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