Day Five: Things To Do – Tree Decorating


Hi lovelies! Today’s Festive-Blog-Athon post is all about decorating Christmas Trees!

This is one of the top activities I look forward to at this time of year. I have many memories of decorating my tree as a child, and thoroughly milk the tradition and make an evening of it. Each year I like to watch a christmas film whilst I’m decorating my tree, followed by xmas songs. This year we opted for Muppet’s Christmas Carol, which you will know is one of my favourite Xmas films! I love this film because it’s a fun adaptation, and a musical too. Then we listened to the Michael BublĂ© Christmas album.

I thought I’d talk you through our process of decorating our home this year.


Firstly, we put up our Christmas lights up. Around the window, across the fireplace, and around the beams (we live in a cottage). This is my first Christmas living with Stewart, so we took great pleasure in choosing our decorations and lights. We decided to go with warm white lights, because we like the look of them and we thought they’d keep with the feel of the cottage we live in.

We then hung the bunting between the beams over the fireplace. We don’t have a proper mantlepiece, otherwise we’d have chosen a garland. The bunting is from Next, and we also got some decorations for the tree from there. Then we hung our stockings next to the fireplace (from Matalan), and put the battery operated LED presents (from the Range) in front of the fire.


Once the fireplace was decorated we started on our tree. We cleared the area we wanted the tree to stand and set the base of the tree up. We bought our first Christmas Tree from Tesco, it is a 6ft Artificial Pine Tree that is pre-lit with warm white lights. We wanted a tree that wouldn’t be too tall for the cottage ceiling, and had the ease of the built in lights. This way we didn’t have to mess around stringing lights, we found this much easier! Before we added each layer of the tree together, we made sure the branches were fluffed out so that the tree looked as full as possible. We also added a tree skirt from the Range, so that we could hide the wire for the lights, and to give it a more polished look.

When the tree was fully assembled, we strung the beads across the branches. We decided we liked the look of beads more than tinsel, as we think it looks really classy and traditional. We started from the top of the tree and looped the beads round, then alternated with a different colour. Then the fun part started, we got to add the baubles! We added the statement baubles first. We bought them from Next, and the Range. We got a mixture of large patterned baubles, wooden hearts, bells and candy canes. This year, we wanted to go for a Red and Silver theme, with a touch of white and grey. After the statement baubles had been placed on the tree, we filled the gaps with small red and silver baubles.


Once the tree was fully decorated, we placed the star on top of the tree and switched on the lights! We really love our tree, and enjoyed decorating it ready for Christmas. When do you put your tree up? We put ours up really early this year because we’ll both be working a lot over Christmas and we want to make the most of having the day off together. Growing up we’d aim for around December 1st.

Make sure you send me pictures of your tree this year, I’d love to see them.

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