My Top 10 Films To Watch At Halloween!

halloween movies

Hi lovelies, todays post is the start of my Halloween themed blog posts!
Although I do love dressing up and going to a good Halloween party, I think I’d prefer to sit in my onesie and have a film night with lots of chocolate and popcorn. I love this time of year, and I think Halloween is a great chance to watch some fantastic scary films, plus I love catching up with Halloween films that I enjoyed when I was younger. They’ve become almost a tradition to watch now, so this list has something for everyone.

Here are my top 10 films to watch at Halloween.

Hocus Pocus

1. Hocus Pocus
This is one of my all-time favourites – this is the ‘typical’ 90s Disney movie. Hocus Pocus is about a group of children that unleash a trio of witches into the town. The only problem is these witches want to kill all of the children so they can become immortal. I love everything about this film, and I love Bette Midler as the lead witch. This would be a good film to watch with children, and I’ll be watching this for years to come.

Halloween Town

2. Halloweentown
I have such fond memories of watching this when I was younger. Again, this is another Disney films circa 1998. When I was younger I didn’t go trick or treating, instead we stayed in as a family and did other things. I remember watching this for the first time and wishing I was a witch. This is another film that would be perfect to watch with children, and it certainly is nostalgic for me.

sweeney todd

3. Sweeney Todd
It must be said, I love a Tim Burton film! This movie is one of my favourites from his long list of work. As you may or may not know, he works frequently with the fantastic actor, Johnny Depp, and this performance is nothing short of perfection for me. Depp plays Sweeney Todd, a barber who has returned home to seek revenge. He opens a new shop above the kooky, Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop, and together they come up with a perfect filling for her pies. Did I mention this is also a musical? There is nothing better than seeing the blood and gore of this film mixed with the dulcet tones of Mr. Depp.

paranormal activity

4. Paranormal Activity
If I’m ever looking for a film that will absolutely scare the living daylights out of me, this would be it. Honestly, this film completely terrifies me. The paranormal, or rather the thought of anything paranormal is up there with my top fears. Paranormal Activity is filmed almost like a home video, and is about a couples experience documenting the spooky encounters in their home. Not only is the films content ridiculously frightening, but the vast majority is filmed on what seems like a hand held camera, so is rather shaky. I suffer from motion sickness, and this film triggers that and I become nauseated. (Or am I just making an excuse for how freaked out I am?)

The Shining

5. The Shining
Ahh, this film is definitely a classic. Adapted from Stephen King’s best-selling novel of the same name, this film follows a family who have moved to a hotel to take care of it through the winter season. It’s also a great place for Jack Torrance to finish is latest novel. However, there is more to this hotel than meets the eye, and there could be things hiding in the long corridors and behind closed doors. I studied this film in University in my first year, and I’ve loved it ever since. Stanley Kubrick produced a fantastically, and aesthetically, disturbing horror film – I’d recommend it!


6. Zombieland
This is actually quite a light, gore filled zombie film. Jesse Eisenberg is a survivor in a worldwide epidemic; a virus has spread leaving the majority of the human race as flesh-eating, undead, creepy zombies. He must remain alive and try and find life. I actually think this film is incredibly funny! It even offers rules to surviving a zombie apocalypse, i.e., Double Tap. (We all know in horror films that one shot isn’t always enough to keep them down!). It is a little bit gory, but I think the humour balances it out. I don’t really like films that are gory for the sake of it, for example, some of the Saw films are beyond the pale.

Sleepy Hollow

7. Sleepy Hollow
Another Tim Burton and Johnny Depp collaboration made the list! What can I say, I love their work together. This time Johnny Depp plays a detective sent to the small town of Sleepy Hollow in order to solve some suspicious murders. This is a film that actually scared the life out of me when I was younger, and I only really appreciated it’s brilliance as I got older. I remember seeing the headless horseman and having nightmares about his razor sharp teeth for weeks after. I actually wouldn’t mind living in the little town of Sleepy Hollow, apart from the bloke that slices and dices folk, it’s a quaint little place.

Nightmare Before Christmas

8. Nightmare Before Christmas
This is one of those films that I think can be enjoyed at both Halloween and Christmas. It also happens to be produced by Tim Burton… I know, I’m a fangirl! This animated beauty is about Jack Skellington, or The Pumpkin King, who is the leader of the years Halloween festivities. However, this year he isn’t feeling like himself, until he stumbles into the land of Christmas. There Jack comes up with an excellent idea: a frightening re-imagination of the holiday. Another great film for children, and adults alike.

Nightmare On Elm Street

9. Nightmare On Elm Street
When I think of classic ‘slasher movie’ this one is top of the list. I mean the 1984 film; I’m not keen on the recent remake. Freddy Krueger is killed by the town after he escapes justice for molesting children. To seek revenge, Krueger enters the dreams of the town’s teenagers and finds creative and gory ways of killing his victims. What I love about this film is that it blurs the lines between the dream and reality, and there is something about that which I find traumatic. Imagine instead of feeling the relief of slumber, you dread your face hitting the pillow because your dreams are tormented by a crazed – stripy jumper wearing – lunatic with a glove covered in knives.

final destination

10. Final Destination
I wouldn’t say this film is terrifying as such, but I’d say there is something that is unnerving about the idea behind this film: The idea that your death is pre-determined. In this film, Devon Sawa’s (the boy who plays the human Casper, which is another great Halloween film…) character, Alex, has a premonition that the flight he and his classmates have just boarded will crash killing them all. He manages to get off the plane with a few others, only to see that plane explode in the manner is saw it. Death must then revert to finding other ways to complete the plan. This film is really clever, and I love how it all pieces together, and left me thinking afterwards. After all, are we not all just a piece in Death’s intricate and complicated plan?

I’m interested to see what would make your Top 10 list, do I have any that you’d consider a favourite? I’d love to hear what you think!


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