Personal-Planner Review!

diary review

Hi there, today’s blog post is a review for a product that I think you’ll find interesting!

I would like to talk to you about a company I was turned on to by Creative Pixie called personal-planner. This is a website that allows you to custom make a diary! As soon as I saw Jean’s review, I jumped over to the website and ordered myself one.

I should say, this idea completely appealed to me for several reasons. One reason is that after I finished University,  I struggled to find a diary that would fit my needs. Most diaries have pages in them that I find useless, for example, in the academic diaries there are class timetables. I couldn’t even write my rota in that because I haven’t got a consistent rota. I never work the same shifts each week. Another reason is that I could never find a diary layout that was perfect for me. I like to have enough space to write a few notes, but I don’t need a full page, and so sometimes I couldn’t find a good sized diary in a design that I liked.

Personal-planner offers a ‘design it yourself’ element so that you choose the most intricate details of your diary.

Here are a list of things that I customised:

  • The front cover – I was able to either choose from a set of pre-designed images available on the site, or, I could upload any image that I liked and used that for my cover. I absolutely love this! For me, I know that my diary will be complete unique because it has a picture of my lovely bookcases as my front cover! Plus you can add text in any colour of choice. I chose to add my blog name, intothebookcase, and then book blog planner.
  • The back cover – I could have again uploaded an image or choose from images already available, but for the back of my diary I chose to have a solid colour instead. I chose a beautiful light green for the back of my diary.
  • The elastic fastener – I was allowed to change the colour of the elastic that keeps the diary closed. This shows you really can customise the smallest of details. I chose purple to go with the light green on the back.


  • The details page – This section is ideal for any contact information or even a quote that you live by. You can type in anything your heart desire on this inside page. I decided to put my blog address, my blog email address and my twitter handle.
  • The page layout – This is the aspect that I appreciated the most! I loved being able to choose how I wanted my diary set out, so that it fits my needs. I chose a layout that had plenty of space to write the things I needed, and meant I could see the whole week clearly.
  • The back pages –   Now this is where this site is fantastic, not only have I got a personalised, beautifully made diary but I got to choose what I wanted to have in the pages after the diary has ended. This ranged from lined, or squared pages to suduko or pages to colour in! I adored this idea, what a fantastic thing to add in. I chose to add the ‘colouring book’ for a bit of fun.


Other additional elements:

  • Add important dates (anniversary, birthdays)
  • Add to-do lists, or notes etc
  • Choose colours for nearly everything
  • Choose start month
  • Plastic wallet to store things in

I was absolutely thrilled when my diary arrived and I cannot recommend the site enough. They really supply a fantastic product, and I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. This would also be a perfect gift for those in your life that love organisation, or may find this is inspiration to be more organised. I’d completely recommend this to my fellow book bloggers that are looking for a great way to keep track of blog posts and tours etc.

Don’t hesistate, go and check out the personal-planner website: Here!


5 thoughts on “Personal-Planner Review!

  1. Why did I buy my planner already? I’m so jealous of yours! It looks so beautiful and amazing and the idea of being able to customize it in such detail! oh wow. I think I’ll write down the website in my new planner for next year :p


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