Book Covers I Wish I Had!

book cover swaps

Hi lovelies! This post, as usual, is a little different.

I was inspired to write this blog post recently after I was in Waterstones the other day. I was stood in the shop looking at the new Harry Potter covers and got to thinking about the few books that I wished I had the alternative cover of. I wanted to do a post this to see what you all thought of this subject.

I do think a book cover is an important element in the purchasing of a book. Unfortunately, I think that it is for many people. We all hear the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, but I think it is one of the prominent contributing factors in the purchasing of a book. For me, it might be the reason I pick up a book in a book shop and then I’ll read the blurb. I’ve never bought a book that I haven’t intended on reading just because it is aesthetically pleasing, but it is a reason I’ve given a book a second look.
In the spirit of embracing the beautiful book covers out there, here are the books that I wish I could swap for the alternative book covers.

The Harry Potter Series
I love the latest book covers that have been released, they are truly beautiful. I do love the book covers I already have but I like these covers more. The new art work is superb, and I love each of the different colours used.

Harry-Potter-And-The-Philosophers-OLD Harry Potter New

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
I do wish I had gotten the beautiful blue cover. I love the simplicity of it. I do like the cover I have, I like that it has the text from the book on the cover, but there is something that I prefer about the blue cover.

ThePerksOfBeingAWallflower Perks Wallflower Blue

The Twilight Series
I love the artwork on the books that I own, and if I hadn’t see the cool white covers. Evidently I’m attracted to covers that are simple, and these are certainly that. I think these covers are the epitome of simplicity.

twilight twilight new

The Hunger Games Series
Again, I’m all about the simplicity and I love these metallic covers. I’m not incredibly keen on the covers I already own, I think they’re too busy. Also, I’m not keen on the neon covers that have been recently released. I definitely wish I owned the metallic covers.

hunger games hunger games new

I’m also not a big fan of film covers, I hate seeing the actors that have been chosen to portray characters, because I can’t see the characters in my own mind. Here are some examples of the ones that I own, but wish I had the normal cover:

Something Borrowed

something borrowed something borrowed new

The Book Thief

bookthieff the book thief

What are your opinions of book covers? Are there any you wish you could swap?

7 thoughts on “Book Covers I Wish I Had!

  1. Great post, I totally agree about film covers, it drives me mad! Especially when I’ve already got some from that series/author then the new one comes out in a film cover and I can’t find one to match mine!

    Also loving the new HP covers. I’ve got them all 1st edition hardbacks but my mum has them, so My Mr bought me a gorgeous boxset of all the hardbacks this Christmas! I have mentioned I’d love to collect the set in every different edition…hoping he picked up the hint for this year?! 😉 xx

    I love these for the chest they come in!


    • Agreed about them not matching! Can’t stand that!
      I may have just ordered the new HP covers in hardback… I couldn’t resist! It’s an early birthday present to myself 🙂 that chest set is to die for! Not sure where that would be available in the UK but wow! I quite like the set in the US that has the spines create an image of Hogwarts! Xx

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  3. I love the idea for this post 😀 I really want to start doing some discussions and other posts like this!

    I agree with you about the film covers – I think we will always be a little disappointed when the characters that we have imagined, are replaced by actors on screen! I also tend to prefer the US covers over the UK ones. xx


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  5. I am lucky enough that the only copies of the Harry Potter series that I own are these new editions. I absolutely fell in love with these editions so after months of gazing at them longingly, I ended up buying them ;). Where I got them from they were only $10 (I think that’s about £5) each.


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