Sims 4: Pre – Release Expectations

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Hi lovelies! Today I thought I’d do something I’ve not done before on my blog and review a game, The Sims 4. I’ve decided to split the review into 2 parts because the post would be forever long. In this instalment I’m going to discuss my pre-release thoughts and expectations, and the differences between the games. In the next I’ll discuss the game play and my initial thoughts.

I’ve been a fan of the franchise since it was released back in 2000, and I remember playing it for the first time. From then on I’ve been an avid follower of the different generations and expansions, slowly collecting and absorbing the different developments. The game quality has come a long way since the early days, and a lot of fantastic features have been added. I’ve loved all of the different expansion packs, my favourites being Pets (1-3) and Generations (3) as I’ve found them to bring the most realism into the game.

When I heard there would be a new generation, I was extremely excited to see the advancements and be wowed by the quality. I pre-ordered the game like I always do and waited eagerly for the release date. That is until I did some research and learnt about the differences between The Sims 3 and the new game. Instead of the advance in game play and progress in quality, it seemed to lose a lot of the things I think made Sims 3 so great.

I read that the main things we would lose in this game were Create-A-Style, the function that would enable the player to customise absolutely anything in the game. You want a turquoise zebra print bed frame? Then that was the tool for you. It was the dream tool for my creative urges, and I felt this would be a massive loss to the game. The other massive loss is that the ‘open town’ plan that was introduced in Sims 3 has been cut from the newer generation. Instead we’d have a set-up similar to Sims 2 in which the gameplay would be focused on one household and if you wanted to take the sim to another location, you’d be faced with a loading screen. These changes upset quite a few fans of the franchise, including me because we felt like instead of advancing the series it’s taken a step back. In hindsight, I understand why these elements were taken from the gameplay, as the creators felt that they wanted to make a game that would function better on the lower-end PCs. I can relate to this, I had a lot of problems with Sims 3 turning itself off or freezing, so perhaps without these elements the game will run smoothly for longer periods of time.

There were a couple of losses that I couldn’t wrap my head around at all, and in fact make me really frustrated with the creators. They have decided to take away the Toddler age level, and swimming pools. Now, swimming pools have been in the game since the beginning of the franchise and they played a massive part in the game for a lot of people, as the game is meant to be about living lives you can only dream about, and for some having their sims swim in their back garden was a fantasy they enjoyed. I’m not overly fussed about the use of the pools but what annoys me is that they’ll probably add it into an expansion pack, making it cost for something that had been in the base game for years. As the game and all of the expansion packs can get expensive, you can imagine why folk are
annoyed. The loss of the Toddler stage is a big one for me, as I think this is essential in any game play. They’re always talking about adding features that will make the gameplay more realistic, yet they take away a milestone in life. It’s un-natural to go from a baby to a child (which looks around 8 or 9) without having a toddler stage. I found this stage to be really important, as I loved being able to teach them to talk, walk and potty train. I loved this part of the game play, so I think I’ll miss that the most.

Overall, I can’t say I’m thrilled for most of the changes, it seems like a massive step back from the last generation. I just hope that a smoother game play and new features make up for it.

Here is the trailer for the new Sims 4 game, and I’ll be discussing this and how I find the game in the next installment:


5 thoughts on “Sims 4: Pre – Release Expectations

  1. I’m a huge fan of the Sims franchise. I was also a bit disappointed when they announced there wouldn’t be CAS in the game. I love interior design and that was one of the aspects I adored about the Sims, being able to design my house to my hearts desire lol. I like how they teamed up with Ikea again, and the furniture does look more up to date than previous games. I still would’ve loved the ability to change the design of pieces I wanted to make my “own”. I read somewhere that there is still going to be the chance to install Custom Content within the game, (lord knows I’m obsessed with CC) so hopefully that stands true. As for them taking out toddlers and swimming pools, I was a bit affected, by the toddlers atleast, but the swimming pools not so much. I always included them on my property just for looks. I hardly made my sims take a swim, but I understand why people are quite upset. Now the toddler situation, I wish they would have left that aspect be. I mean why would you want to go from having a newborn, straight to a child? I liked seeing my baby sims attempt to take their first steps!

    Okayy so I’m talking wayyy too much lol. Can’t wait to see more of what you think about the game. Happy simming!


  2. No swimming pools? No toddler stage? I’m not sure if I even want to buy this new sims. I’ve been a fan since the first sims came out and pretty much own every single expansion pack. It does get expensive so with the toddler stage disappearing I don’t think I’ll jump on buying the newest sims. I loved the toddler stage so much 😦 and, wow. I really loved the “open town” plan.

    The more I think about it, the step from sims 2 to 3 was amazing – and the open town plan and the CAS were major parts of it being amazing. To me, they’re definitely regressing. So sad.

    Thank you so much for your insight. I’ll be looking forward to your second post.


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