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Hello there, welcome back to another instalment of #ITBCdiscussions. This post is all about dealing with reading slumps.

I recently fell into a bit of a reading slump, which really stresses me out, which I’m sure you’ll find odd. Reading is supposed to be relaxing and my hobby, but because I’m blogging it has become more important. As I mentioned in my previous discussion, I had become stressed about keeping my blog up to date and consistent, and the reason I stress is because I’d been stuck in a little reading slump, and therefore, wasn’t reading as much as I usually do. I was worried that it would affect my blog, and it inspired me to ask you lovely folk on Twitter a few questions about reading slumps.

The first question I asked was:


I asked you all this because I wondered how many of you this affected, and it appears it’s a common occurence.

Here are the responses:

answer5  answer6 answer4  answer2 answer1

As you can see, a lot of people fall in to reading slumps. I find that quite comforting that even the most die-hard readers need a break sometimes. I read somewhere a little while ago that on average, adults in the UK read less than 4 books a year. If this is true, most of us readers are far more than the average reader and so a small reading slump isn’t a big deal. So far, as I write this, I have read 28 books this book. Which, according to the statistic is 7 times more than the average, and it’s only September! When I look at it that way, I don’t think being in a reading slump is a bad thing, because I always find my way back.

However, as a book blogger, falling into a reading slump isn’t a good thing. I became curious to hear what you all thought caused reading slumps, which lead me to asking the following question:


Here are the responses I received:

answer1 answer2 answer3 answer4 answer5

I loved these responses! I agree with each of them, I think they’re the main things that put me into a slump. Sometimes I find that life has gotten in the way, and I’m not in the mood. Like I’ve mentioned before, I work insane hours and sometimes I don’t fancy reading when I’m home, or I will be distracted by a really good TV show. For example, I’ve been really loving Orange Is The New Black recently, and had been marathoning that in my free time, rather than picking up a book. Also, like Yasmin said, I am reluctant to leave the characters behind and find I’m still in a book hangover, and need time before I invest in new characters. Granted this is a sign of a good book, so I suppose that’s not a bad thing!

This was my final question to you all:


And here are the responses I received:

answer1 answer2 answer3 answer4

Again, these were excellent responses! I think I’ll definitely try and pick up an old favourite to lure me back into the craze. Or, as Jackie from TheReadersRoost said, just ride it out until I’m ready to dive back in to it. I suppose forcing myself back into reading isn’t really what it’s all about. It’s supposed to be a hobby and a source of entertainment rather than a chore. I recently read an excellent blog post from Jenny (at JennyInNeverland) and she gives a ton of great advise. You can find her post here!

Hope you find this post helpful! Let me know if you have any #ITBCdiscussions requests either in the comments below or over on twitter (@intothebookcase).


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