Blog Announcement: Festive-Blog-Athon Is Here!!


Me and Abbey (@MissBookWormReviews) are very excited to officially announce the project that we have been working on for the last few months.
Here it is:

What is Festive-Blog-Athon about?
An Event that is designed to make the most of the festive period by celebrating all things christmassy. We have worked very hard to organise everything and to celebrate with you all. The event will be running from 1st – 24th Dec and will feature book reviews, movie reviews, Guest posts, Photo Challenge, Giveaways and other things related with Festive to get everybody in the mood for Christmas. We will be alternating between blogs every day.
Here is Abbey’s blog link:

Why did we create Festive-Blog-Athon?
We are highly big fans of Christmas and we thought bringing something festive to the blogging community around the festive season would be a great laugh, chance to make new friends and get everybody involved.
We have enjoyed every moment creating everything for Festive-Blog-Athon. We didn’t want to do a readathon as we both work full time around Christmas as many of you probably do, so we wanted to do that there is something for everybody and to include as many people as possible.

There will be a variety of Authors and Bloggers who are kindly featuring on our blogs every day with giveaways.

Here is the schedule for Festive-Blog-Athon:


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