#ITBCdiscussions: Book Organising and Collecting

intothebookcase discussions

Welcome to another new segment on my blog! This is the first of a few new posts I’ve decided to create.

I want my blog to not only be about book reviews, or hauls. I want this blog to have various types of posts, so I decided to create ‘IntoTheBookCase discussions’. These posts will be discussing various topics related to books or various different things and I will post my thoughts on those. I thought this would be a good opportunity to get everybody talking and discussing different topics. Every so often I will post questions on twitter, using the #ITBCdiscussions, looking for input from my fellow book bloggers or just absolutely anybody that loves books.

The first question I asked on twitter was:


As I mentioned in my tweet, I feel like I’m constantly organising and rearranging my bookcases. I love doing this, don’t get me wrong, it’s the best kind of tidying, but it got me thinking about how other people organise their books. This inspired me to ask everyone on twitter and discuss the findings.


I thought I’d begin by discussing how I organise my bookcases. As you can see from the picture, the tallest bookcase is split into colours: a white/cream shelf, a shelf of trilogies or series of books, a shelf of yellow, pink, red and purple books, a green and blue shelf, and a black shelf. This as you can imagine took a little time to organise and get to how I like it. I wanted this bookcase to be aesthetically pleasing, and I love how it turned out.

My smaller bookcase is organised differently: I have a shelf of books I’ve received from publishers, a shelf of booksets and series, and then a shelf for books I’ve recently purchased. I find this works well for me as I can see all of the books and find them quickly. It never bothers me that books from the same author are split onto different shelves, at least for the moment.

When I asked this question on twitter, these were the responses:







As you can see, many people organise their books by genre. This is a fantastic idea, as you really can just pick a book you’re in the mood for. Some people arrange alphabetically, and some don’t have a system at all. I love that everybody has different ways of making things work for them, and I might try different ones out in the future. Who says I can’t have rainbow books via genre?

The second question I asked has been on my mind for a little while, and I was really interested to see how people responded. This was my second question:


I’ve found myself at times in an awkward situation, in which I’ve mentioned how big my TBR pile is, and received a response of shock. It made me feel almost ashamed, and I thought afterwards that I had no reason to feel that way. I always looked at buying books as a positive thing, and never really thought of it as a ‘collection’. I don’t tend to spend my money going out often, or buying the latest fashion trends, but I will splash out and buy some books off my wishlist when it’s payday.

I never really thought about ‘collecting’ books really, it was more of if I liked the sound of a book I’d buy it and read it. I have accumulated more books than I’ve ever owned since becoming a book blogger, but I just figured that was part of the buzz of my new hobby. I’m at the stage were I’m not overwhelmed with the amount of books I have. If I got to that stage, I’d happily go through my bookcases and purge some books to other bloggers, friends, or charity shops. I think I’ll always keep my favourite books, even if I don’t intend on reading them again anytime soon.

I was interested to hear what people thought of ‘book collecting’, did they consider it hording? Do they give every book they finish away to other people? These were the responses:






The majority that responded felt the same as I do, that it’s a hobby and they’re happy with collecting books. I suppose the main thing is that each of us are happy, and we don’t need to conform to other peoples versions of this.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this discussion. Please leave comments below, and interact with each other. If you liked this post, please let me know and I can continue writing them. Also, if you have any discussion topics or questions you’d like to be asked, I’d love to hear from you!

Check out the lovely people that responded on Twitter! Thank you very much for getting involved, and I look forward to hopefully continuing discussions with you all.


3 thoughts on “#ITBCdiscussions: Book Organising and Collecting

  1. I tend to hoard books. Even if I have never read it and perhaps will never read it, I save it, in the off chance that I may like it. It is a huge problem for me as I don’t have any book shelves left in my flat and now the boxes under my bed are full and now they are slowly piling in my work locker.


  2. I love books and tend to hold onto the ones I love. When I moved I gave away a lot that were given to me that I never read due to them being uninteresting to me but was happy to see some one else enjoy them. Books I buy I tend to keep as I like to go back to them and my daughter is a book worm also so they serve two perposes as she ages and extends her range. I tend to organise by author if they are a series, then by genres.


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