My First Book Signing, and Meeting Rainbow Rowell!


Hello everyone! Today I’d like to tell you all about the experience of my first ever book signing.

On Friday 11th July, I made my way to the Waterstones in Liverpool with my friends, and fellow bloggers, Abbey, Clare, and Emma.We stopped for a bite to eat on the way, and then headed over to the signing. When we arrived there was already quite a few of people queuing to grab some seats. We sat down and eagerly awaited Rainbow Rowell’s appearance.

Once she arrived, she began by talking to the group. It was fascinating to hear her speak about her books, and learn about the process of writing them all. For example, she discussed writing her first novel, Attachments, and throughout the editing process she was very protective of it. We learnt that she had the ideas for Fangirl, and her latest novel, Landline, at the same time, but felt she needed to distance herself emotionally from Eleanor & Park. She felt that if she’d written Landline first it would have felt the repercussions of her emotions from the previous novel, and that it wouldn’t have ended up as funny as it was.


Rowell went on to read a small scene from Fangirl, and we learnt that this was her favourite novel to write because she was passionate about ‘fandoms’. After the Harry Potter series, and films had ended she felt lost like so many other fans of the franchise, and she spent a lot of time reading different fan-fictions. This inspired her novel, and which is why the Simon and Snow sections of the books reminds a lot of people of Harry Potter. She said they were some of her favourite pieces to write, which lead to her revealing that she is currently working on a new YA fantasy novel! I shall look forward to that.

Rainbow then asked the audience for questions, the very first question was, “What were the 3 words?” For anyone that has read Eleanor & Park, you’ll know what this is referring to. Alas, Rainbow didn’t tell us what they were but joked that they were ‘smell you later’. Somebody also asked her about selling the film rights to that book, and how she felt about it being adapted for the screen. She explained that she was initially very wary of giving over the rights, and had agreed to write the screenplay. After speaking with author, John Green (who recently had his novel, The Fault In Our Stars, adapted) she realised that no matter what the film is like, her novel will not be harmed.

After she wrapped up the Q&A session, we all began queuing for the signing. Emma and Clare were further forward in the queue from Abbey and I, as we decided to purchase the special collector’s editions of Fangirl. I’d been questioning whether to buy the book, and I thought at the time, ‘If I don’t ever get to see this author again, I’ll kick myself for not getting this now.’ It helped as well that they were giving away a lovely tote bag to those that bought the novel. I managed to get 2 bags, so the extra bag I’m going to save and use in a giveaway at some point. Keep your eyes out for that, it could be my 1 year ‘blogiversary’ or something.


I got to the front of the queue, and I was really nervous that I wouldn’t know what to say to her. I popped my books on the table, and I told her this was my first signing, which she appreciated. She asked me if I’d read them all, and I said I had and that I’d finished Landline in the canteen at work just before my shift started, which made her laugh. I’m incredibly thrilled to have my books signed, and I will treasure them. Especially as she is one of my favourite authors!


As Abbey and I were near the end of the massive queue, we asked if she wouldn’t mind getting a group photo with us all. I absolutely love this picture, and I’m going to frame it and pop it on my bookcase.


She was absolutely lovely, very funny and a joy to meet, and I couldn’t have asked for a better first book signing experience, and I’m really happy I got to do it with my friends.


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