Mum’s Mentions #1

mums mentions

Hi everyone, todays post is a little different.

As you know I began reading from a young age, and I was encouraged to read by my mum. She would buy me different genres, and different authors to try so I could broaden my tastes from an early age.

Allow me to introduce you to her, and tell you about her reading habits. My mum is a big reader, and I remember growing up always seeing her with a different book in her hands. She likes to read as much as she can, particularly curled up in bed, or sat in the garden with a cup of tea. She juggles reading with her full time job as a teaching assistant, and her passion for crafting. She helped me with my TBR jar, which you can see here!  My mum’s favourite genres are crime and horror, but she’ll give any book a try.

With that in mind, I asked my mum to guest post on this blog to talk about some of her favourite books and authors.

Hello, my name is Sue, and I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. My love of reading came from my mum, and I have passed that love of reading on to my own children. I started reading Enid Blyton books, which belonged to my mum. I was enchanted by the worlds she created, just as Katie was.

But, today I am going to talk to you about Patricia Cornwell’s crime novels, starring Chief Medical examiner, Kay Scarpetta. From the very first book, Postmortem, which was published in 1990, I have been a keen follower of the series. Although each book is a stand-alone read, the main characters appear in every book, and I like the familiarity of the characters and seeing them grow and develop.

The main protagonist is Kay Scarpetta, who is a medical examiner. She conducts autopsies on victims and is an integral part of solving the murder cases together with Pete Marino, her husband Benton, and niece, Lucy. I really like reading about Kay because she is a strong, female lead, and it makes a change from the predominantly male leads. Along the way, we have seen Lucy grow up from a shy, young girl, to a confident, young woman with a brilliant mind, who programmes important databases, and systems. I like that Cornwell produces incredible female characters, and it’s one of the reasons she is one of my favourite authors.

Another reason I love Patricia Cornwell is her writing style. She is obviously very knowledgeable about the subject of forensic science. She has been interviewed as a forensic consultant, and is a founder of several forensic institutions in America. She gives you a lot of information and detail about the autopsies Kay conducts, and it’s always used in a way that progresses the narrative, and never used for shock value. The insight into Kay’s world is what keeps me engaged and eager to read the next novel. The language and description she uses is technical, and authentic but understandable to the lay person.

As I mentioned earlier, each new book is a different crime to solve, and each plot is fast paced, and engaging. They are all page turners with manageable chapter lengths, so I can read a couple of chapters before bed without having to stop mid-point, and having to re-read later on. They are all suspenseful and very well written. Every case is wrapped up nicely, and I always look for the next instalment.

To summarise, I’ve never been disappointed by one of Patricia Cornwell’s novels, and I’d encourage any crime fans to pick up one of her novels. Or, if you’re not usually a fan of crime novels, I think these novels would change your mind.

Patrcia Cornwell is a stand out crime author, please give her books a read!

If you’d like to get yourself a copy: Amazon link


5 thoughts on “Mum’s Mentions #1

  1. My mothers favorite author also 🙂 I too grew up with Enid and the mystery series of books. Thanks to the Jar I have begun buying books each month again Thank you Katie and Sue for a great post. ❤


      • I have just read The afterlife of Billy Fingers. Was very thought provocking and even loaned it to Dad. He wanted a copy as it is a book he wants to go back to over and over. I must say I agree. Yesterdays haul. The extraordanary secrets of April,May and June by Robin Benway. Of Poseidon by Anna Banks.Incarnate by Jodi Meadows.Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin.The first of a trilogy The Gathering Storn by Robyn Bridges. These books are along a theme behind the veil of time. Then Last months was Sh*tty mum the parenting guide for the rest of us (little light relef ) Star where you are how to accept yourself and others by Pema Chodron. The tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels.The power of positive thinking Modern Buddhism the path of compassion and wisdom by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Angel Healing The Afterlife of Billy fingers by Annie Kagan. My New Zealand story Canterbury Quake by Desna Wallace this one Lily won at the library. She has the same love of books as I do. As you can see I am steping into the unknown with some of these.


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